Getting Rid of Me

I called out to you, “LORD, heal me”
And got no response, almost dismissing you
Until I realized it wasn’t you I wanted,
But the power to heal myself.

I cried out to you, “LORD, save me”
And yet I remained thrashing in the waters drowning,
Until I realized I didn’t want to be saved-
Just the power to save myself.

I pleaded, “LORD, lead me”
Yet I remained as lost as ever,
Believing you either didn’t exist or didn’t care
Until I realized I didn’t want to be led,
I just wanted the power to better lead.

And in desperation I cried out, “LORD, remove ‘ME'”
And ever since I got myself out of the way,
You’ve heard me perfectly clear.



Photo Credit: David Paul Ohmer via Compfight cc

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