Love’s Introduction (Goddess of the Arts)


You whispered to me in shades of loneliness,
Painted patterns of chaos upon my heart,
Sparked my interest in cool, wet streaks of imagination.
It’s true…
I do not know you, but I know the sound your soul echos,
Bouncing off the walls of the cosmos and beating within my heart.

Your dance…
It’s familiar, for I have the same moves in my shoes
The same grooves that etch down deep and govern my journey.
You are a mystery, a case I’ve never investigated
And I long for the chance to discover the meaning
Of the crime scene you artfully weave into motion.
You may look at me and believe we are separated by worlds
Of difference and Divine circumstance.

But look closer love…
Put on your glasses for we are two flowers of the same vine,
Two sides of a fertile coin waiting to be planted
In the garden of our hearts and grow.
I will follow you through the hedges and rows,
Until you know me and my essence is revealed to you.

Concealed beneath this mask,
Is a reflection you know far too well-
It’s the same that stares back at you in the looking glass.
Are not two artists armed with the power of love
And forged in the fires of pain cast down and branded
With the same names?

Offer me your canvas,
And I’ll paint an ecstasy of passion with my brush,
Filled with the delicate bristles of my touch.
For you I’ll give an open book,
Strung with pages of melody
And bound with words of love.

You are not just a another number
In my pieces of Pi,
Not just another lover
To lay down and satisfy.
You whispered to me in shades of loneliness,
Painted patterns of chaos upon my heart,
And captivated my attention with your gaze,
Oh, how I long for a goddess of the arts.


Photo Credit: ‘Ajnagraphy’ via Compfight cc

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