A Prayer in the Face of Doubt

My Lord, why have you not heard my crying?
Is my voice not loud enough to reach your ears?
I sit in the pool of my own tear drops,
drowning in the loneliness of my fears.
I yearn for you. I yearn for freedom-
caged like some wild beast no matter where I go.
But your enemies…they’re free to roam.
They walk by their own willpower,
yet I can’t manage a crawl.
Why am I abandoned in the shade of your love,
why must I face all my journeys alone?
I longed as a child for answers
to the questions that haunted me, sought me out
day after day, believing that when I got older
the fog would burn away and truth would become clear.
Yet here I am Lord, all grown-up and still without answers.
In fact, with more questions and even the answers I had
as a child no longer satisfy, but breed more doubt.
I look out at the world. I still see you.
But you’re so far away.
Come back to me Lord and make your dwelling place in my heart.
Chase this darkness away- this doubt that grows like a cancer
and spreads its cells across my soul.
Pull the sun out from behind the clouds
and allow the rays of your grace and mercy to fall upon my face.



Photo Credit: James Jordan via Compfight cc


    • Thank you for that verse, reading that and the rest of that chapter helped. I’m glad you enjoy it. I just started writing again the past few months after quitting for multiple years, so your encouragement has helped rekindle my fire for writing. I appreciate it!


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