A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons – Frost on the Field


Frost on the Field – A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons

When I woke up this morning,
I found that winter stopped by for a visit late last night,
spreading its dust across the grassy fields,
announcing to all winter’s not far from sight.

Nestled in our knitted sweaters,
tucked tightly in our toasty homes,
we watch another year fade away,
wondering where summer has gone.

And the trees have shed their clothing,
standing naked in the chilly breeze,
while the husks of harvest wither,
and the rivers begin to freeze.

I’m not ready for the snow to flutter,
falling like ash from the somber sky
but winter never asks for my opinion
and mother nature will surely pass me by.

When I walk through the sleepy villages,
People hibernating, hiding within their homes,
I stop and ponder why the season
always seems to make the soul feel all alone.

I say good-bye to the sun and his precious rays,
knowing I won’t be seeing him for a good, long while
because there’s frost on the field
and winter’s not but another mile.

As much as I have against winter, this years I am trying to have a better outlook. But for me, writing or reading about negative feelings are sometimes a way of healing them. You may want to check out my previous post Dealing With Winter – Learning From Nature for a more positive tone 🙂

Photo Credit: algo via Compfight cc


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