The Cries of the Sheep

The sheep lie scattered across the valley,
each one willfully wandering away from the fold.
Heads down, walking blind, grazing
on grass that devours the soul.

Yet, the evening leaves them frightened,
and the darkness shakes them, shivering in the cold.
They each look out across the withered pastures,
surprised to find themselves so far from home.

And as the wolves gather in droves, howling and closing in
the sheep’s cries can be heard across the night.
Crying for the comfort of their shepherd.
Crying for the hope of the light.

The master hears his lost sheep,
and they respond to the sound of his voice.
Gladly saving them from the grips of the wolves’ jaws,
by laying down his life.

For the good shepherd, there is no distance too far
nor valley too wide or deep.
“His steadfast love endures forever” and will always answer
the cries of his sheep.

Photo Credit: EssjayNZ via Compfight cc

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