When Love Stepped Off His Throne


Strung high above, dangling and dancing
among the darkest night,
shines a light for all –
a star that guides to the bread of life.
A mighty King lies in a strange, wooden bed
wrapped in unclean robes and lying on a pillow of straw,
ox and ass gathered by his head.
A beautiful Servant, never too proud,
but humble from birth,
yet deserving more riches
than any man to walk this earth.
In his weakness, he conquered more land
than the mightiest army or sharpest sword,
by his kindness, won more hearts-
we willingly give him our lives and call him Lord.

And who are we to welcome
the one who hung the stars?
Who are we to dwell with the one
who holds the universe in his outstretched arms?
When he knew we were lost,
he shrank himself to show us the way.
Even knowing what it would cost,
he was willing to wash our sins away.
“Word became flesh”
divine willfully shackled in bone.
Love bore the ultimate price coming to us,
when Love stepped off his throne.


Photo Credit: Waiting For The Word via Compfight cc

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