Dancing With God


I saw you at the dance,
glanced at you from the corner of my eye.
But I was much too concerned with my appearance,
felt too stained and ugly, so I let you walk on by.

I watched you jiving out on the floor,
wondering what it’d feel like in your arms,
to sway to the beat of the music –
rhythmically rapturing, securely safe from harm.

But fear kept me from advancing towards you,
sat alone in the corner on my fold up chair,
arms crossed, head down, periodically peeking
up to see where you were, captured by your majestic air.

For beauty never seemed so lovely.
No star ever shined so bright,
with glory fluttering around
like strands of shimmering light.

Light blazing, making stars seem
like cold, dull dust,
Making gold seem like a paper thin metal,
and plagued by rust.

The only place a boy like you would find me
was in my wildest dreams,
so imagine my surprise when I looked up
and saw you coming to me.

Taking me in your hands,
you smiled and whisked me away.
Twirling to the music
and leading the way.

But I soon found you were not quite the dancer
that you were in my dreams,
many times letting me falter
and getting in the way of my feet.

I kept my mouth shut,
but inside I kept wondering if I should lend a hand,
to show you the right way,
to show you the right plan.

Soon I got tired of being tangled
in your distorted dance.
Set once again on sitting by myself,
far from the reach of your hands.

But then I looked up and found you
with another partner, perfecting the waltz.
My eyes had never seen a dancer quite like you –
perfect in every way, without any faults.

So doubts raged inside me,
questioning why you played me for a fool.
Pretending to get lost in the timing,
leaving me falling and treating me so cruel.

But another thought arose,
one that I didn’t want to admit.
What if I was the one to blame?
What if it was over my own feet I tripped?

Again, I glanced up at you,
and you caught my eye and smiled.
How could you have hurt me,
one so meek and so mild?

But I’d wasted my chance,
blew my opportunity with you,
so I settled back in my chair
back in the corner of the room.

But when the song was over, I felt a hand
on my shoulder, was surprised to see your face.
Offering another chance at love,
extending your endless grace.

So this time I did not let my own feet carry me,
but allowed you to carry me in your embrace.
Catching the first glimpse of the fruit
and delighting in love’s sweetest taste.

I wrestled with you for ages,
then let my guilt and shame keep me from Heaven’s romance.
But you came to me in my lowest moment
and invited me to join you in the dance.


Photo Credit: Dance Photographer – Brendan Lally via Compfight cc


    • Thanks! Yes, often times we want a relationship with God but we want it our own way, not his. But he’s always there to scoop us back up when we’re ready for him to carry us. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for the comment!


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