The Problem With Pain – A Poem


The problem with pain is its ability
to cast a spell over us,
convincing us it’ll last forever.

The weakest mind can handle temporary havoc,
but when faced with a future filled
with nothing but misery, we all become broken –
lost, scared, and uncertain
about how we’re going to make it through another day.

But nothing is constant except time.
Each tick leaves the past further behind
and pushes you one step closer towards happiness.

This too shall pass –
this heartache, depression, and emptiness
will never last.
It merely leaves you caged
behind a thin, frail glass.

Pain loses its power
when you realize it’s just a temporary placeholder
for better days.

But the darkness laughs,
tries to convince you it’s here to stay,
and you believe it.

But once you have the courage
to shatter your cage,
you realize it’s all been a charade,
tricked by smoke and mirrors,
controlled by your fears.

The problem with pain is that it
prevents you from fighting.
Pain is only temporary,
but if you choose to let it,
it’ll last a lifetime.


Photo Credit: Sarah G… via Compfight cc

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