The Neglected Lover – A Love Poem About Self Love and Loving Yourself


Sometimes it is easy to love your neighbor, but much more difficult to have self love. Self loathing and self-hatred are real problems for some people. You would never treat others or hold them to the same standards as you do yourself, so why do you keep doing it? You’re just as deserving of love as they are! Here’s a love poem that you can read to yourself. I hope you enjoy it.


The Neglected Lover – A Poem About Self Love and Loving Yourself

When will you ever let yourself be enough?
When will you stop second guessing yourself,
Examining your entire life under a microscope
And highlighting every flaw?

When will you accept that you’re worthy
This very moment – not after the future accomplishment,
Not after this mess is cleaned up,
But right now?

When will you stop scrubbing your skin until it bleeds,
Trying to remove a stain that’s been there
Since you were born?
When will you stop loathing your weaknesses
And start accepting them as opportunities
For God to work directly through you?

When will you stop dragging your head along the floor
And be confident enough to look the world in the face?
When will you stop wishing you were someone else,
Living someone else’s story, and write your own?

When will you let your past failures rest
And no longer haunt you?
When will you finally take off the chains
Your mind has bound you in
And walk as a free child of God?

Don’t do it for wives and husbands,
Sons and daughters.
Don’t do it for bosses and co-workers,
Fathers and mothers.
Don’t do it for friends or foes,
Even for success or for the sake of happiness.
Do it for the person that walks around
With you everyday, goes to bed with you every night,
And stares back at you in the mirror every morning.
Do it for you.
The time for feeling useless and unlovable is over.
It’s time for you to love yourself.


photo credit: Rafael 1984 via photopin cc



    • No not you in particular lol. I think we all wish to be other people at some point, and it can be beneficial to look at your flaws if they’re things that can be changed. But the only way we can be great is to accept that we’re limited. Each person has their own strengths and weaknesses. But often we spend so much time hating ourselves or trying to fix the way we were made that we forget to use our strengths. Thanks for the comment!


      • yeah I agree with you. I once walked into a hospital and learnt to give thanks for all I am…I also do perfomance poetry n some guys will tell me they wish they could half as much as I we are never enough in our own eyes but still its good to be grateful n appreciate the best of you


      • Agreed. I think it can be especially terrifying and intimidating to put any creative art out there for the world to see. You measure yourself against all the best that have ever lived and never measure up. You then question if you’re even good and whether you should just quit. But there’s a quote by Neil Gaiman that I just love and really opened by eyes to this topic.
        “The one thing that you have that nobody else has is you. Your voice, your mind, your story, your vision. So write and draw and build and play and dance and live as only you can.”
        – Neil Gaiman

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  1. A must read for all. Yes, many times we are too busy caring about others, loving others, serving others that we forget to love our very self. A moving, life inspiring post my friend. God spoke through your words and they are very comforting. It’s been said, if we want to truly love others, we need to love and forgive ourselves first. God bless.


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