Contemplation – A Christian Poem About Studying Verses From the Bible

A Picture of Psalms in the Bible
The Living Word of God



Slow down the orchestra of madness
Rambling and roaring in your mind.
Let go of the pride and anger
You’ve been holding onto,
Waiting for the perfect opportunity
To lash it out,
And tune your heart to the key of love.

Only fools spend years
Committing verses to memory,
Without letting them be digested by their hearts.
If you take no action from reading,
Is the Word really “living”?
How will it ever jump off the page
And scribble itself into daily life?

Does the Word remain cold and dry,
Dead and docile?
Or is its ink warm and wet,
Alive and breathing, heart beating with a pulse?
Can you hear the author’s voice
Echoing from the page?
Or does he remain mute
And deprived of life?

We spend eternity arguing
About comma usage and period omission
But fail to join together
And recognize the power of spreading
The message of the entire book.

For isn’t a book,
Regardless of how holy,
Just another idol if it’s revered
And reverenced more than its author?
Reading is only the beginning –
A wormhole to understanding,
A crowbar that pries open
The heart for a season,
But unless seeds of action are planted,
How will love ever grow?


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photo credit: khrawlings via photopin cc



    • Thanks, that was a verse that affected me too. Sometimes I think we argue or study theology or the Bible so much that we neglect acting out the message, I know I do. Is sitting around breaking down the Bible and discussing theology a good thing? Of course, but I believe Jesus cares much more about the poor, the sick, and the suffering who are needing to be helped and need to hear the gospel. Thanks for the comment, Dale!

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      • You’re right. Jesus cared about the needs of the poor, the sick, and anyone suffering. You make a good point. Jesus continuously told Jewish leaders that the law was important but the works he did were more important. I think something like that. Thanks. We are on the same wavelength!

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