Daring to Dream – A Poem About Faith and Belief

9366127967_1de4a3f766Let’s face it. Sometimes it’s difficult in our world of skeptics, cynics, and pessimists to keep our faith strong. Everywhere you turn there are articles, people, and influences steering you away from a belief in God and towards a belief in self. Our culture shows a similarity to the time of the Judges of Israel. “Everyone did what was right in his own eyes.” (Judges 21:25) Isn’t that what culture preaches? That there is no universal truth or morality? That each person must decide what is right or wrong by their own judgement? But the more “liberated” our thinking and ethics become, the more enslaved society gets. Without a foundation to stand on everyone is drifting aimlessly and can justify any behavior they want if it’s “right in his own eyes”.  Having faith isn’t always easy because it requires you to take a stand. But are you willing to dream, to believe in something greater than yourself, and to break away from the cynical crowd that tells you you’re dumb or crazy?

Daring to Dream

Sometimes the need to know why
Blinds us from the redeeming how.
Our minds become the sole opposition
To the stirring within our hearts.

Our world has become a breeding ground for broken promises,
Where gold always tarnishes and fairy tale endings cease to exist.
So how are we to trust?
How are we to surrender our last fortified defense – our heart?

Just as the young child
Is told that it’s time to grow up and let go of dreams,
We too are reminded daily, mocked and scorned
For acknowledging anything inconceivable by the mind.

The heart has been brushed aside
And is no longer consulted for guidance.
We believe it’s made us stronger and smarter than we’ve ever been,
But then, why are we so cold, so frozen, so lost, so broken?

A man must think in order to live.
But he must also feel and dare acknowledge
The eternal longing in his heart.
Meaning can’t be derived from equations and scientific formulas.

Life, mortality, meaning, and God
Are all questions we’ll never think our way out of.
It’s impossible to dive into those arenas
And protect your heart, which is why so few are geared for war.

We like to believe we’re in control –
That if we become smart enough, someday we’ll think
Our way out of man’s eternal problems, so we continue
Like dumb sheep, following one another off the cliff of rationality.

We want minuscule, logic solutions
To miraculous, inconceivable evidence
Which leaves us nowhere to stand
And even more lost than where we began.

Our hearts say yes, but our minds say no.
Time and time again we side with delusions and safety
Because we’d rather push love away
Than risk feeling vulnerable and admit we can’t find our way.

Continue to put your faith in man if you like,
But all recorded history tells us he’ll let you down.
So what makes you think that after all these years
Mankind will suddenly come through now?

I dare to dream –
To venture out into the dark of night,
To cast off these shadows of fear and doubt
And search for the source of the light.

I dare to dream –
To believe their’s a key to life’s locked door,
And search for the lover who plays upon my heart,
Who gives me a sunrise worth waking up early for.


– Poem Written by Justin Farley


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photo credit: Take Me to the Stars & i’ll Show you the Universe via photopin (license)


One comment

  1. You are called out of the world to know and believe in God…and we know how most believers are scoffed in the world we live in today…we’re saved by faith from start to finish….and that takes courage….the journey of the cross wasn’t for the faint hearted….its the same with dreams…time to take a stand 🙂 You keep getting better with each post, Justin, love it!


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