Into the Wild Blue Yonder – A Love Poem


Into the Wild Blue Yonder – A Love Poem

Just as the earth and trees
long for the warmth of spring in winter,
I long for you.

I await the days when this
thick, solid ice melts
And the rivers of my love flow to you,

when this tundra of pale blue
skylines, frosted with grey clouds and blackbirds
is stripped away and revels the sun once more.

For your eyes unlock misery’s door,
decanting the ever-rising waters in my mind,
allowing me to resurface and breathe again.

So when will this winter end –
these depressing days draped in darkness
where you find yourself alive, but no longer living?

Spring begins when you start wishing,
when your melancholic mumbles cease
and are replaced by fairy tale dreams where innocent hearts beat.

Beloved, you fly among the dreams of sleep,
so I cast off from the banks of my frozen yearnings
and sail out into the mysterious blue depths of your love.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Coast Guard Beach, Provincetown via photopin (license)


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