Hope – A Christian Poem


Hope – A Christian Poem 

When the world beats you down to the ground
Love abounds between the beams of the cross,
When you’re hopeless and lost,
Riding waves that carry and toss
You farther out to sea than your heart ever dared,
There’s no reason to be scared.
His love is always there, deep enough to bear
Cold, iron nails and a crown adorned with thorns.
So when your hope is waning and worn,
Remember the child that was born
To bear all your burdens and to light your way.
Remember the price that was paid –
Innocent blood whipped and chained,
A mangled body laid in a grave,
So that you may come to believe,
So that you may be saved.
At an empty tomb you’ll find a hope
Unmoved and unafraid.

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Sunrise & cross via photopin (license)


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