The Door of Discovery – A Love Poem


The Door of Discovery – A Love Poem

She reigns, riding a white horse
Across the barren landscapes of my mind
And brings a glimmer of hope
To a kingdom lost in darkness.

She is the break of morning
That belts out, “Awake! Arise!
A new day has dawned.
Your long, dark night is over!”

She carries on her shoulder
A cross she bears in beauty.
How lovely it is to see a pure heart
Untainted by the dirt of the world.

In her eyes I find an invitation
That beckons me closer,
Anxious to unwrap and discover
The inner recesses of her heart.

It is not lust that sets me on fire,
That lays my old ways on a funeral pyre
And sacrifices them as a burnt offering
To be carried away and never return.

I am not my own,
But a servant to a queen
Sitting upon love’s throne.
I wait alone, eager to carry out her orders.

But she is merely a reflection –
A mirror that contains an image
My heart had yet to know existed.
Her shadow opens the door of discovery.

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Church Entrance via photopin (license)


  1. I cannot comprehend the beauty of the emotions that inspired you to write something so heartwarming….its lovely Justin!


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