My Love is an Ocean – A Love Poem


My Love is an Ocean – A Love Poem

My love is an ocean –
An endless reservoir of new hope
That collects new deposits from tributaries daily.

My heart ebbs and flows
With tides of passion
And you, love, are the moon –
The great gravitational force that wields control.

My waters run deep,
Far beneath the comfortable beauty of coral reefs.
You exist in the darkness miles below.
I will not desert you
In the midst of trial, the abundance of darkness, the absence of light.

It is safe to ride on me.
I will safely guide you back to harbor
And steer you clear of jagged rocks.

My love is an ocean –
An irresistible force that beckons
You who look upon me from the beach.

Strip down naked, bare before me,
And plunge into the soft, refreshing promise
Beneath the surface of my wake.

I am the tide –
The captain of your longings,
The sealer of love’s fate,
Who promises to do whatever it takes
To carry you wherever you must go.

My love is an ocean
That stretches from horizon to horizon .
It is endless, abundant, yet reserved for one.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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Photo Credit: H o g n e via Compfight cc


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