Storms – A Love Poem


Storms – A Love Poem

I am blown by your gale,
Caught up in a tempest
My heart is unable to resist.
Never has it known a love like this
Whose storms of passion
Leave me defenseless.

Your rains hail me from afar,
And the eyes of your storm summon me.
My soul is a lightning rod
For your flashes of electricity –
A static seduction shocking me
With your every touch.

You clutch me in your madness
And soak me in down pours of sexuality,
Leaving me wet and wanting to strip
Off my heavy and soggy clothes.
Your wind blows like a cyclone –
A twister that destroys every defense
In the path to my heart.

You, love, have torn my walls apart.
I stand without shelter
And no longer have the ability
To withstand your weather.
For your beauty has weakened my resistance,
And your thunders have boomed,
Beckoning me to my knees.

My heart sees the looming storm,
But can only wait in delight
As the rain clouds come rolling in.
My heart beats anxiously,
Awaiting our eternal tryst.
For true love has known no stronger force
Than the passion between our kiss.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: lightning #4 via photopin (license)

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