Love’s Wings – A Poem


Love’s Wings – A Poem

Imagine my surprise waking to find
My arms covered in feathers – now fully supported wings.
My voice like the sweetness of a sparrow,
Bellowed from a passionate heart that sings.
I flew through the sky with a lightness
My mind and body ever knew.
For love, my burden was lifted
The day that I met you.
The clouds, sky, and heavens
Seemed far within my grasp.
All comprehension of limitation
Was left lying in the past.
You gave my soul the freedom
To soar to heights higher than ever dreamed.
You are the North Star that leads and shines.
You are the queen that reigns supreme.
Eagles have not reached into the sky
As high as I have since finding you.
Heaven’s ceiling on a summer day
Bare not the depths of hue as your eyes of blue.
When I look into your eyes my soul and spirit flies
Into the great, vast cosmic space.
Pain, loneliness, and emptiness are erased without a trace.
You are a gift far greater than I believed
God would ever bring.
For you carry me higher than I ever thought possible
Flying with love’s wings.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: fp032808-27 via photopin (license)

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