The Origin of Emotion – A Poem


The Origin of Emotion – A Poem

To feel is to know.
To know is to feel.
It’s when the green hills of summer become covered with snow
That winter bares its teeth and becomes real.
Do I feel love before I recognize its voice
Or does my mind cognitively realize before my heart?
Does the mind first tell the eyes to become moist
Or do the raging rivers of tear drops flow
When the levees of my heart have been torn apart?
Does emotion start out as a thought or a feeling?
Nestled within the chambers of rational or dream?
Do the bells of chaos exist in my head and ring
Or is it my breast that shrieks and screams?
To know is to feel.
To feel is to know.
I’m fairly certain reality becomes real
Whenever we plant the scattered seeds of life
And where we decide to let them grow.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Grass-species_2012-08-06-18.44.42-ZS-PMax via photopin (license)

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