Across the Moonlit Miles

moon moonlight

Across the Moonlit Miles

I can feel you across the moonlit miles that separate our windows.
And somehow I know you are out there,
Lying in bed, unable to sleep, just like me.
You are yearning for this chaos to be released
And wisped away into the cosmos.
You are wondering why love has to be this hard,
When it is so easy, believe me…
I know it to be true.
Though I’ve told you a thousand times,
I’m just another hopeless romantic like you,
Making the obvious a mystery,
Purposely blurring the evidence that resounds,
“Safe. True. Real.”

But I wonder does the pain keep you up,
Or are you already at ease in peaceful sleep?
There are no dreams on my eyes tonight, only tears –
Empty vessels, messages in bottles I’m sending out to you.
SOS, my love. I’m sinking fast.
So won’t you read quickly?
Unravel the scroll and see my soul opened wide, tears dried upon the page.
Return my plea! Can’t you see that I need to be freed
From this misery, this tragedy?
This man you see is not one of the wolves
You’ve mistaken for sheep a thousand times over.
I am a scared, shaking lamb just like you.
Broken, bruised, blackened, and blue.
I can feel you across the moonlit miles tonight, my love.
Can you feel me too?

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Sendas impenetrables / Impenetrable paths via photopin (license)

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