The Light Shines In the Darkness – A Photo Taken at Dawn

“The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.”

-Photo Taken by Justin Farley


    • It was actually dawn. I was just using my phone lol. I did use the “HDR” setting, but I’m not a photographer by any means. I had just gone for a hike that morning and saw the stark contrast between what was going to be a dreary and cloudy day vs the glow of the sun on the horizon and thought it might make an interesting picture. It was darkened a tad to emphasize the dark/light contrast. It was taken at Eagle Creek Park in Indianapolis, Indiana. Thanks!


      • i thought it might have been dawn. i have a place along the Lake Huron shoreline in upper Michigan which faces east .. they call it the ‘sunrise side’ … so i see a lot of spectacular sunrises on the horizon …. no two ever alike except for their magnificence! and y0u’re welcome. ks


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