Your Morning Forecast – Starting Your Day Out Right

The morning will always let you know in advance what kind of day it will be. When the darkness of night begins to fade and the first light of dawn begins to penetrate the sky along the horizon, Nature broadcasts far and wide today’s forecast. She reveals right away whether or not that pale light will be confined to the horizon and a dark curtain thrown across the rest of the Earth’s dome, or whether Dawn will stretch out her fingers of light and spread overhead as bird chirps welcome her arise.

Your morning will also always let you know in advance what kind of mental weather you’ll have for the day.

Rushed and hurried–expect downpours of tension and anxiety, fraught with agitation and booms of thunderous anger and worry.

Sleepy and lazy–expect a whole day to be wasted away, morning practically gone by the time you coax yourself into movement. Expect sluggishness and resistance to getting anything meaningful done.

Wake with the dawn–expect to find solitude and gratitude in the first moments of your day, sipping coffee, aware of the beauty of life, filled with the absolute certainty that today is going to be a great day.

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