Mental Health Poem About Depression and Spring

I’m grateful that spring does usually take away the seasonal depression that I get in the winter. But I was thinking about how people whose depression remains all year long must feel in spring and was inspired to write this poem.

Maybe Spring

Maybe spring will forgive me
if I don't rush to welcome her arrival,
if I don't shout with glee
and fall to my knees
to take in the aroma of each blooming flower.

Maybe spring will forgive me
if I find the chirping of baby birds
like the plucking of strings out of tune
and prefer the company of this darkened room
to the blinding light of April's sun.

And maybe spring will forgive me
if I prefer the numbing snows of winter
to these nurturing waters falling from the sky.
For how do I celebrate new life when I
still feel so dead inside?

Justin Farley

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