The Sailor – A Poem


The Sailor – A Poem

You’ve sent me off as an aimless navigator
Traveling upon treacherous and torrential seas.
Once was a proud and confident sailor,
But now find there’s no compass I can read.

Needles spin with the wind and poles have no meaning
When they are altered by my heart’s magnetic field.
And upon this ship it’s no easy sailing
With a split and swollen keel.

These waves that come rolling in
Only reaffirm and remind me of what rolled out with the tide.
Everyday the heat beats down on scorched, sunburnt skin
And drifting upon the open sea there’s nowhere to hide.

I do not accept my demise
And have not given up casting out my nets.
But I can’t help hungering for my past prize
When salty, quenchless water is all I seem to catch.

At least if I was shipwrecked
There’d be land where I could lay my head to rest,
But as it is I have trekked
Across endless waves and seen nothing but deep, blue nothingness.

You sent me off as an aimless navigator,
Charting waters without a course.
There are no maps for the heart-broken sailor
When the only land I know how to seek is yours.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley


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The Clouds of Mourning – A Poem About Depression and Pain


As we go through life, there are inevitable seasons where it seems the skies are always cloudy, always raining, and the forecast will never change. Anyone that has ever dealt with depression (or any mental illness for that matter) knows that it is like a ghost that haunts you no matter where you go or how hard you try to hide from it. Fight all you want, but you can never defeat the forces of darkness with strength alone. In these times of darkness and pain, how do we keep moving forward? How do we resist the temptation to give up and let the pain of life suck everything from our soul?

Typically, telling yourself to “cheer up”, “suck it up”, “pick yourself up”, or having someone else tell you to stop feeling sorry for yourself only makes matters worse, and I believe does a disservice to our heart. Deep depression is not an easy thing to fix, and the reality is that sometimes there are circumstances in our lives where the only appropriate response is to mourn and cry. And sometimes we need that time to just embrace the issue and recognize that it is ok to feel pain. But how do we not drown in that pain?

I believe the only way we can move forward is by grasping hope and refusing to let go. It might not get better today, it might not be tomorrow, but as long as there is hope that things will get better, the ghosts of depression are unable to penetrate our locked doors and totally possess us.

The Clouds of Mourning – A Poem About Depression and Pain

The clouds of mourning
Hang and hover over me
Like ghosts – translucent,
Yet allowing only darkness to pass through.
Their pale gray sheets flap and flutter
In the breezes of life,
Dimming and drowning out
All traces of light.
Their wails send nails
Falling from the sky,
Raining down and driving like hammers;
Pounding their melancholic clamors into my heart.

My palette is stained,
Soaked in ashen gray paint.
Non-washable, permanent and persistent;
Resistant to the colors I attempt to cover with my brush.
The clouds of mourning
Flood my skies like ghastly Dementors,
Following me through the hours
And sucking at my soul one minute at a time.

Sweet angels,
Have you lost the fight to the terrors?
Have your hallowed halos burnt out like smoking embers
And lost their luster and glow?
Where are you hiding
In this dark and stormy night?
Where are your shields and swords,
Why are you overwhelmed by the demons of darkness,
Why do you refuse to fight?

What weapons do I pick up
To fend off forces invisible and invincible?
Is there an amulet I can hang over my heart to keep out
The ghouls that pass uninhibited through locked doors?
The icy rain covers my window pane
In sheets of tears running down in streams of solitude.
Winter’s wrath bars my path
And leaves me shivering in the cold wondering what to do.
The clouds of mourning
Hang and hover over me
Like ghosts – translucent,
But hope shall be my exorcism.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley


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Unconditionally – A Poem About Hard Love


A Poem About Hard Love

Perhaps we have been prepared to believe that love is meant to be easy.
Perhaps we have been convinced we can enjoy the spoils of war without a fight.
But true love suffers freely, merely for a chance to behold the light.

Perhaps we believe that we can reach foreign destinations
Without walking love’s long and lonesome road.
Perhaps it’s flawed expectations that leaves us shaking and breaking in the cold.

Love never walks simply for its own benefit,
But walks tiresome miles just to ease another heart.
Love never quits and departs, the second its season becomes strained and hard.

So when you ask me why I wait, why I wish to bear your weight and do so patiently?
It’s because the love I hold for you does not break,
The love I hold for you loves unconditionally.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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The Leaves of Autumn (I’ll Remember You) – A Love Poem

fireflies / lightning bugs over a meadow at night

The Leaves of Autumn (I’ll Remember You) – A Love Poem

When the fireflies bring their dances to a close over the meadow
And the leaves of autumn change their hue,
I will look out my window, love,
And I’ll remember you.

That twinkle in your eyes
Will bring a smile to my face,
But sadly my memories won’t stop there –
I’ll long for your taste,
They’ll find their way to my heart,
And the floodgates will break.

My tears will be the only evidence you still exist,
Smothered by the weight of it all,
And the remembrance of love’s kiss,
I’ll try to find a way to see through the mist –
These cataracts that love has stained upon my eyes.

But how am I to live without your light –
That bright, blinking beacon
Leading me through the mire of my own night?
I’m capable of fighting my own fights,
But I have no desire to…
Not now.
Now when the only affirmation of victory
Is the echo of my own voice.
All dreams are for naught
If they don’t include you.
For you were the one who breathed them into being,
You were the water that took a withered seedling
And made it stand up tall and proud.
So who am I to boast to now, love
Now that you’re not around?

These blooms are fading.
I can feel them shrinking back
Into the dark nothingness from which they came.
I’ve tried to feed them myself,
But they only respond to your name.

I can look up into the heavens
And count the multitude of diamonds glistening,
Ready to be plucked from the sky.
But there is only one jewel I desire,
And it resides within the twinkle of your eye.

So I’ll continue looking out my window,
Enclosed in the tomb of my own misery
And try to choose a memory
That brings your precious light
As close as it can to the solitude of my darkness.

When the fireflies bring their dances to a close over the meadow
And the leaves of autumn change their hue,
I will look out my window, love,
And I’ll remember you.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Wandering – A Christian Poem About Guilt


Your commandments loom over me,
Blinding my eyes like a bright light in the midst of darkness.
It hurts my eyes and causes me to turn away
From the angelic presence of your glory.
Isn’t this the essence of the human story,
Locked in a constant battle with our foolish hearts
Year after year choosing to remain chained,
Restrained in the bonds of slavery?

But what is this desire that I should
Choose slavery, to remain under the cloud of your judgement
And continue serving the weak idols of my passions
Instead of an infinite God of unfathomable majesty and might?
Why do I consistently chose to fight against you,
Knowing I will lose?
Why do I fail to chose you even when I desire to do so?
How do I approach the Judge’s bench,
Knowing beyond all doubt that I am guilty?

But your mercy is as endless as beautiful fields of clover,
Covering my rebellious ways beneath blankets of green pastures.
For who among us is without the stain of guilt
That has been branded and tattooed upon our feeble hearts?
If there is no Law, if your ways are simply the creation of the human mind,
Why do I find that I am condemned and guilty
Beyond all reasonable doubt?
It is not simply the shame of hurting my fellow man
That stirs my restless heart to reason.
No. It is a primal instinct woven into the fabric of my being
To alert me when I walk paths away from you,
Allowing me to acknowledge that I am lost without your truth.

But you are a hound dog that never grows tired,
Steadfast, seeking me throughout the ever-changing seasons of my soul,
Loving me when I’m near you,
And loving me just the same when I’ve lost control
Of my sinful desires.
Your fire burns like a raging sun and is just as hot
Among the snows of winter as it is in the summer heat.
My love is your ultimate desire,
Not because you need me, but because you know without you
I will always be incomplete.

We mute our ears to your voice,
Eager to continue along our paths to destruction,
But even the proudest hearts fall to humility
In the presence of your might.
Lord, may your light shine ever bright
And lead us from the darkness of this night,
Which we have created by blocking out
The warming rays of your precious Son.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Crash, Burn, and Devour



Lost in your eyes is where I find myself,
Swimming in their auburn depths.
In their warmth, I want to drown myself,
For I know it would be the sweetest death.
Your touch is like a burning fire,
Leaving a smoldering path in its wake.
Every inch farther makes my heart sing higher,
Keep going, give me all I can take.
The feeling of your lips on mine,
Fuels the fire building inside of me.
Higher and higher, up the flames climb,
Until I’m burning in sweet ecstasy.
Skin against skin, we melt together,
Becoming a single entity.
In your arms I could fall forever,
In the process, I’m losing my identity.
Take all of me, take everything I am,
I want to lose myself in your touch.
I’m breathless at the touch of your hand,
I’m powerlessly held tight in your clutch.
Crashing against each other like a tidal…

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Free – A Love Poem About Being Yourself


Free – A Love Poem

Just when I thought I’d seen it all,
You burst onto the scene
And shattered my expectations within
An hour of your spirit’s introduction.
Since my first glance there has been no reduction,
No doubt that left me questioning my desire for you.
My passion is a steady rising –
A flood of love, lust, and delight
Ready to pour over the river banks.
This is my warning.
There will be no half ways or test licks.
Your soul will be kissed from head to toe.
I do not want to test your waters,
But to dive in head first,
To be lovers and thirst for each other’s hearts,
To feast upon the passions and pains
That have remained hidden
In the deepest chambers of our spirits.
There will be no you’s and me’s
But only we’s –
Two broken human beings reforged and molded as one.
You are my sun –
The bright shinning light
That reveals the path before me,
The warm, cozy aura that covers my face.
I yearn to savor your taste,
To digest your very essence
One new revealing at a time.
You are a gift from the Divine,
A present far greater than my wildest dreams,
Leaving me wondering what I’ve done
To deserve you my queen.
Bend down and let me crown you.
Then allow me to kneel before you
And give you authority over my heart.
Take it. It was yours from the start.
I needed no waiting, no casual dating,
Your character was confirmed
By the thumping and jumping of my heart.
Entwine me in all your ways my love.
Hold nothing back.
All your desires, dreams, and demons
Are safe with me.
Love, for the first time in my life,
You make me feel free to be nothing but me.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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My Love is an Ocean – A Love Poem


My Love is an Ocean – A Love Poem

My love is an ocean –
An endless reservoir of new hope
That collects new deposits from tributaries daily.

My heart ebbs and flows
With tides of passion
And you, love, are the moon –
The great gravitational force that wields control.

My waters run deep,
Far beneath the comfortable beauty of coral reefs.
You exist in the darkness miles below.
I will not desert you
In the midst of trial, the abundance of darkness, the absence of light.

It is safe to ride on me.
I will safely guide you back to harbor
And steer you clear of jagged rocks.

My love is an ocean –
An irresistible force that beckons
You who look upon me from the beach.

Strip down naked, bare before me,
And plunge into the soft, refreshing promise
Beneath the surface of my wake.

I am the tide –
The captain of your longings,
The sealer of love’s fate,
Who promises to do whatever it takes
To carry you wherever you must go.

My love is an ocean
That stretches from horizon to horizon .
It is endless, abundant, yet reserved for one.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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Entangled in Your Love – A Poem About Intimacy With God


Entangled in Your Love – A Poem About Intimacy With God

You are the cool, autumn breeze,
The great mystical force that brings me to my knees,
Stupefied in awestruck wonder.
I miss you when you’re not near,
When your shadow no longer covers me
And hides me beneath your wings.
But I seek. But I search.
And you reveal new things
To share with a humble heart that remains
Unstiffened by pride and unhardened by selfishness.
My intimacy with you unfolds
Like a slow, savoring feast, sucking each piece of meat
To the bone and delighting in its marrow.
Your revealings stir my soul,
And my tongue salivates, thirsty for more,
But you control the door.
You are the unmoved gatekeeper
That lets bits of knowledge pass at just the right time.
Beloved, I invite you into this heart of mine.
I hope you do not find the darkness uneasy
Or the decay unsettling.
But you wipe my walls clean.
You restore me from the inside out
And dive into a sex with my spirit
Indescribable. Unbelievable.
An orgasm that lasts throughout the day.
You mingle with my soul like a dog at play
And leave me chasing you around the backyard.

“My beloved, you are the summit of my creation,
The language that my essence speaks,
My work manifested that is forever complete.
You are my untainted bride
Who waits at the alter with her virginity intact.
I long to give you the water
That will nourish your dry lips and parched heart.
Open yourself to me and let me enter
Penetrating with my power
And releasing my love within you,
Oozing into the recesses of your heart.
Do not worry about your performance, love.
Do not worry that you’re too defiled, too dirty, and too stained.
For your heart has been reclaimed.
My love conquers all, and I stand unchanged,
Unmoved by the mighty, unwithered by the years.
I AM the LORD your God, the almighty who drew near.
I long to tangle with you between the sheets,
To thrust my love into you
And dance with you in a union so close…so intimate…
That every inch of your soul goes undiscovered and unkissed.
Spread yourself to me and receive the bliss
Of eternity that awaits you.
I the LORD, creator of heaven and earth,
Love you with every fiber of my heart and all my soul.
Beloved, I am the mind-blowing, cosmic orgasm
That leaves you satisfied, soothed and forever whole.”

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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