The Leaves of Autumn (I’ll Remember You) – A Love Poem

fireflies / lightning bugs over a meadow at night

The Leaves of Autumn (I’ll Remember You) – A Love Poem

When the fireflies bring their dances to a close over the meadow
And the leaves of autumn change their hue,
I will look out my window, love,
And I’ll remember you.

That twinkle in your eyes
Will bring a smile to my face,
But sadly my memories won’t stop there –
I’ll long for your taste,
They’ll find their way to my heart,
And the floodgates will break.

My tears will be the only evidence you still exist,
Smothered by the weight of it all,
And the remembrance of love’s kiss,
I’ll try to find a way to see through the mist –
These cataracts that love has stained upon my eyes.

But how am I to live without your light –
That bright, blinking beacon
Leading me through the mire of my own night?
I’m capable of fighting my own fights,
But I have no desire to…
Not now.
Now when the only affirmation of victory
Is the echo of my own voice.
All dreams are for naught
If they don’t include you.
For you were the one who breathed them into being,
You were the water that took a withered seedling
And made it stand up tall and proud.
So who am I to boast to now, love
Now that you’re not around?

These blooms are fading.
I can feel them shrinking back
Into the dark nothingness from which they came.
I’ve tried to feed them myself,
But they only respond to your name.

I can look up into the heavens
And count the multitude of diamonds glistening,
Ready to be plucked from the sky.
But there is only one jewel I desire,
And it resides within the twinkle of your eye.

So I’ll continue looking out my window,
Enclosed in the tomb of my own misery
And try to choose a memory
That brings your precious light
As close as it can to the solitude of my darkness.

When the fireflies bring their dances to a close over the meadow
And the leaves of autumn change their hue,
I will look out my window, love,
And I’ll remember you.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: lucciole in una tranquilla sera di inizio giugno via photopin (license)

The Streets of Love – A Poem


The Streets of Love – A Poem

Somewhere in the depths of solitude
There’s a searching, a seeking,
An endless pursuit for meaning
Among the daily rendezvous with silence
And the lonely morning hangovers
From drinking too many shots of unrequited love
The night before.
There’s Tylenol for a headache,
but what do I give my heart?
How do I treat this pain
From parading down Main Street
Putting on my best show every night,
Yet only performing to empty streets
And vacant sidewalks?

Once upon a time I wished upon stars
But the veil of darkness has smothered their glow.
Night is now a cosmic sea of black waters galaxies deep.
No longer is hope revived after hours of sleep,
But staggers out of bed like a wounded soldier
With an ailment that has gone untreated.
My hope is not yet defeated,
But is down to its last stand
And is backed into a corner of surrender.

Somehow it seems my time has passed.
I feel like the school boy who wakes up late
And misses the bus, sprinting out just in time
To see it carry his classmates away.
I stayed at home the day the rest mingled and played,
Discovering their partners.
Love has swished me around in its gullet on more than one occasion,
But refuses to swallow, hacking me up and spitting me out again
To wallow in the remnants of its saliva and digestion.
Is my taste not sweet enough?
Or am I missing some tang?
My heart is burdened by the pangs of rejection.

I do not need another to define me,
But my masculine desires rage within my loins
And seek fulfillment and release.
Until this need is satisfied
I am afraid inner peace is out of reach.
Naked. Starving. Ravenous.
My hunger feasts upon my thoughts.

I am lost in this lonely night
And trek across the land
Hoping to find another unfortunate soul like mine.
I yearn for intimacy –
To taste a feminine spirit and savor her juices on my tongue.
But now I lie among the vagabonds and migrant drifters
With endless winters that leave me without shelter and cold,
Shuffling alone through sleepy towns and foreign lands
Searching for a home wherever I can find it.

But cardboard boxes and bridge overpasses
Are no place for relief and asylum
From the weather of the world.
There is still faith that one day I can unpack my suitcase
For the last time and warm myself
By the hearth of another’s heart.
But until then I remain homeless –
A hopeless romantic just trying to survive
Living on the streets of love.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: via dei funari 2 via photopin (license)