Poem About Bravery and Courage


There's no one braver to be
in a world increasingly
defined by a litany of achievements
than the way God crafted me.

Our contributions can't be measured
solely in dollars and money signs.
For God's work isn't treasured
by the market of mankind.

Our souls become rich
and our hearts light
when we reject a model of materialism
and follow the path God has for our life.

Though pockets may become fat 
if we aspire to be paid in gold,
we'll end up failing to acquire
the dividends paid to the soul.

We fail not only ourselves
but those we rob of our gifts.
Is it worth that sack of gold, dear Judas,
to betray destiny with a kiss?

There's no one braver that I can be
than to live free
of the world's expectations
and seek the life God has willed for me.

Justin Farley

Hello, everyone! I have recently published my first chapbook of Christian poems titled “A Voice in the Wilderness – A Chapbook of Poems about God”. This has been developed and polished over the past six months or so. I am happy with the final product and hope you find encouragement in the poems but also a validation that the spiritual life is not all sunshine and rainbows. We all struggle. We all have periods of questions and/or doubt. But it is the yearning that keeps us coming back for more and allows us to experience joy.
You can purchase either on Amazon or on my own bookstore (it is cheaper and has free shipping on my store) and is available on the Kindle and in paperback.
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Thank you for your support!

Poem About Destiny and Fate


A Haunting Fate

What is this voice that comes
howling in my heart…
this restless ghost that suddenly
comes flooding out of the fog of night…
this ghoul that haunts despite my pleas,
desperately pulling me towards a distant light?

I consistently pull away from its advances,
swatting away its hands like pesky gnats
swarming in the summer sun.
But its fingers remain pointed to a path beside me,
seemingly unable to be free
until my journey has begun.

This phantom follows me despite my begging,
gone one day and back the next.
Mad as a hatter, without reason no matter my argument;
I’m convinced that my speech is wasted breath.
For surely unless its desire is fulfilled,
it will plague me until my death.

Try as I might to silence it,
this whispering voice makes contentment impossible
on this easy path I’ve chosen for me.
Finally, I wail into the wind,
And it replies, “when you reach your destiny”.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley