Feathers On the Feeder – A Poem About Birds


Feathers On the Feeder – A Poem About Birds

Carefree and playful like a child,
Your wings flutter in the autumn breeze.
You crack open your seeds with supreme diligence,
Wrapped up in the gift of the present moment.
If only I could be more like you –
Unaware of the future,
Unaltered by anxieties and fears
That exist only in my mind…
But you inspire me, my little black-capped wonder,
To live one moment at a time.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Chickadee Up Close via photopin (license)

One Day At A Time – A Poem


One Day At A Time – A Poem

The cool breeze of fall
Grips me in a trance,
Lost in a dance that I wish
I could take part in.
But these feet waltz alone
And these fingers intertwine with no one,
Holding nothing but empty space.
It’s just me beneath an October moon,
Admiring the stars swimming in the majestic
Sea of black.
I could turn back,
But I’ve walked too far,
And the reward is too great
Despite the pain of it all.
But did it have to be now you chose to stall?
Don’t you know my favorite season is fall –
The time my childlike spirit thrives and comes alive
Prancing and dancing through the forest fires that blaze
In shades of reds, purples, yellows, and oranges upon the trees?
I looked forward to the magic
That hangs upon the leaves,
Dreamt of kissing you in the cool autumn nights
Snuggling against each other’s sleeves.
But those dreams will have to wait.
For now my desires must be put on hold.
It is your sweet soul that must me looked after
Because I long more than anything to hear you delight in laughter,
To be released from the shackles of your painful memories,
And to rewrite a new ending to your story.
You are teaching me how to love one day at a time,
How to surrender to another’s needs
And shed these wants of mine.
For that’s what love truly means –
To put another above yourself.
And in your eyes, by your side
I have all the wealth a man could ever need.
It is now the real, newly revealed you
That is sought after by this heart of mine.
So why do I need these feelings between us defined?
I’ll just begin to fall in love again
One day at a time.

photo credit: Sunset Over Rolling Tuscan Hills Villa Vineyard via photopin (license)