Stutter Step – A Poem


Stutter Step – A Poem

Like a quick, passing glance
The foot falls of our dance
Stutter and come to a halting screech.

Not through random chance,
Nor matters of unforeseen circumstance,
But because you refuse to leap.

Leave matters of the heart to faith.
Believe and dream in the life that awaits
For you just outside your locked door.

Don’t let fear determine your fate.
Life doesn’t stop for those who wait,
And what once was may soon be no more.

Our love is frosted and frozen –
A block of ice, still alive, but goes unspoken.
My heart is foaming at the mouth trying to hold back the words.

The flaws of another aren’t tolerated, but chosen,
Knowing that both strengths and weaknesses make up our person,
Each trait beautifully flapping in our soul as one like a flock of birds.

There’s nothing more beautiful than seeing your birds take flight,
Ruffling from your feathers the ghosts of night
And summoning up the courage to chirp a new song.

But darling, perfection will never be within sight.
Love doesn’t just love the times we’re right,
But loves despite the wrong.

The dawn is breaking.
The sun is waking.
But to see it, you must open your eyes.

I know inside you’re scared and shaking.
You’re afraid of the fallout – the heartache and breaking
But take off your mask and see that I’m still by your side.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: tango color via photopin (license)

The Trouble With Love – A Poem

The Trouble With Love – A Poem

Why do I continually let people into my fragile heart
Who have no business being there?
Why do I continue to trust in the promise of love
When it only breeds deep wounds of despair?

“I Love You’s” are thrown around like hellos,
Promises given without the trace of honest intention.
My soul breaks and quakes in mournful bellows
Because of thoughtless decisions.

Can’t I ever find someone who is honest and true?
Can’t I ever find eyes that don’t lie –
Eyes that echo joy and laughter
But have secrets and deceit they sleep behind?

Is it really that hard to accept love
And not continually push against it and fight?
You can continue to play tug-of-war with your heart,
But you’re done playing it with mine.

Soul suckers sit out in the darkness
And wait for a decent man
That they can feast upon and sink their vicious claws into,
Clutching honest, beating hearts in their hands.

I guess they get off on causing chaos,
Casting their spells upon warm, caring hearts.
Then, when they’re done with their feast
They simply spit them back up and tear them apart.

Cower in your corners you tainted and jaded,
You frightened, gutless little girls.
If you can’t look love in the face,
Stay the hell out of men’s worlds.

Stay in your delusions. Remain in the past,
Bitching about what Daddy didn’t do for you.
It’s about time you moved on and grew up,
The only excuse you have now is you.

The trouble with love is we live in a world
Full of confused, soulless creatures,
Who never give a damn about anyone but themselves,
Who hide behind exhausted excuses,
Love to hitch a ride upon a caring back,
But have no intention of sticking around for the journey.

The trouble with love is that you first have to find someone
Who’s not simply out to break hearts and get off on playing games.
And in our world, selfishness reigns,
And worthy hearts dwindle everyday.

So where are you, love?
I thought I knew you
But you turned out to be just another
Coward and liar.
Love, I’m done chasing you.
You can come find me when your games are through,
Until then I’m smothering your fire.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

The Fight – A Poem About Conquering Fear

boxing MMA fight

The Fight – A Poem About Conquering Fear

You can cast your shadow across my future,
Across every step that approaches every opportunity, every opened door.
Try to tear down the walls of my confidence,
And attempt to convince me that I was never meant for more.

You can startle me with your swiftness,
Visit me whenever and however you please.
But I, and I alone must give you the power
To break me and to send me to my knees.

You have dwelt within every human heart,
And every human mind since the dawn of time,
Making the mundane feel like destiny,
Slowly dying, slowly binding us as prisoners of the grind.

Your power is as limitless
Or as limited, as I will it to be.
For the only person who can choose to make you master
Is the man who resides inside of me.

I will not give approval to your veil of darkness,
Nor give you bricks to construct your castle walls.
What you build up I will tear back down with action.
You may knock me down, but I will get back up when I fall.

Fear, I am marking you as my enemy –
Right here, right now, this instant, not tomorrow, but today.
For I have dreams that I must tend to,
So pack up your “what ifs” and get out of my way.

Keep coming at me with your terrors if you like,
But my place in the corner is now a vacant cell.
This heart will no longer hide from failure,
Nor choose safety over walking through the fiery hell.

I choose my destiny,
I choose to hold my dreams as a beacon in the night.
For the impossible becomes possible
The day we choose to defy you, the day we choose to fight.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: DSC_0104 via photopin (license)

Today is the Day – A Poem About Conquering Fear and Living Your Dreams

raging river with rapids

Today is the Day – A Poem About Conquering Fear and Living Your Dreams

I will not stop to settle
Down into the silt of my own shit.
Never be content to ride out the currents of the lazy river,
Reaching the end, wondering where all my dreams went.

I will trudge up against the currents.
If I have to, hell, for a season I’ll even portage.
I’m fine facing the fear of getting lost in the forest
As long as I’m not being dragged along by life’s currents.

My heart has dreams,
But my mind refuses to believe they’ll ever grow.
But surely if you never plant a single seed,
There will never be a single seed sown.

Fear is the varmint who sneaks
Into the field at night to ravish the crop.
Are you fine with seeing your soul stolen?
Or will you keep watch and fight back with everything you got?

But it is impossible to swim upstream
Without getting wet.
Do not show up with dry clothes lacking holes
When you reach your meeting with death.

For the river is the water of life.
To sit on the shore – you might as well be dead.
Today is the day to place on toe in at a time,
Starve your fears, and make sure your dreams are always fed.

Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: wellsn40 via photopin (license)

Deimos and Phobos


Phobos, Greek god of fear

I lie awake in the night,
scratching and clawing at my skin.
Hoping if I peel the layers right,
I can shed the hell within.

Hoping to quiet the hellish howling –
the fear that threatens my every breath.
Hoping to stop the false visions warning
of an ever-approaching death.

Heart beating in my ears with a pounding,
like a deafening kettledrum.
Fear controls and surrounds me,
while Panic snatches the air from my lungs.

Surely there must a reason
that my spirit raps upon my prison door,
pleading for freedom
from the madness and utter horror.

Detached from all reality,
left to wander through my restless fears.
Waiting out every second,
begging to wake from this never-ending nightmare.

And after an intense battle cry,
sanity stands upon familiar foes.
But there’ll be no celebrating tonight –
tomorrow they’ll be back again for more.

photo credit: Averain via photopin cc

The River


Driven by the forces of the river.
Drifting through the bends.
Destined to be deposited into
the vast, open sea where uncertainty begins.

A longing makes its lodging deep inside,
afraid of where I’m going,
longing for what I’m leaving behind.

I call out,
“River, stop this instant.
Throw me upon your banks.
March me back upstream
where I hadn’t the slightest clue
I was drifting away.”

But the river refuses to yield.
Gone are the comforts of forest and field,
with treetop blankets and grassy meadows
to hide me beneath their shield.

The river continues to lead me
down the winding bends,
where it’s led countless before me
and where it’ll lead countless others
time and time again.

But that is not my concern.
I want off this flume boat ride,
Everyday my heart yearns
to be free from the forces of the tide
And able to call my own shots,
free from the ever-approaching
ticking of the clock.

Instead of enjoying my time,
grateful for the opportunity
to lounge upon the river
and gaze upon the beauty it winds me through,
I fight, cuss, and use up all my might,
hoping to be delivered,
straining with every ounce of energy
to make it back upstream.

But my tries are futile.
I notice how much farther I’ve floated
down the river, but experienced nothing.
Beauty has passed me by –
my eyes so fixated on the past,
that I’ve been oblivious to the present.

I resent you, despise why you
have to move so fast,
why you leave me bound like a ship-wrecked sailor,
clutching to a weak, weathered raft.

As much as I try,
you never seem to dry up,
but keep pushing me on by
the people, places, and memories
I want to sit with and visit awhile.

And sing with together to the beauty of a song.
But before we even get to the first chorus,
I look up and notice they’re all gone.

River, if only I could become oblivious
to where you’re leading me.
If only I didn’t feel the vastness
of the mysterious sea
surging in your every move.

Maybe then I could appreciate the ride.
Maybe then I could notice the beauty around me,
instead of clinging to the realization
that I’m going to die.

But I do know your destination
and that changes everything.
I can’t divert my eyes
or distract my mind from the truth –
my heart beats every moment,
silently searching for the fountain of youth.


Photo Credit: joncandy via Compfight cc