Light Wielder Poem About Bringing the Kingdom of Heaven to Earth

Light Wielder

Crystals hang from the heavenly chandelier
on the city upon the hill.
Catching light and doing for the eyes
what wind chimes do for the ears.

     A rustling.
     An awakening
     of an ancient force
     that remembers,
     that yearns
     with an unquenchable thirst
     for transcendence
     for totality
     for unity
     for eternity.

Crystals catch the sun's light,
act like mirrors with the power
of those at the Pharos lighthouse,
and reflect it to the ends of the earth.
Never giving birth to work
by its own power,
only transmitting a greater light
whose flame has burned
indefatigable to the chagrin of the night.


     A rustling.
     An awakening
     of an ancient force
     that remembers,
     that yearns
     with an unquenchable thirst
     for transcendence
     for totality
     for unity
     for eternity.

I count
of crystals dangling like diamonds,
gleaming beneath the sun.
Dazzling like the thread
of the spider's web she's spun
catching the nightmares of the world
like colossal dream catchers,
waking up those who've fallen asleep,
and giving sight to a world walking in darkness.

Justin Farley

The Lamp Light – A Christian Poem About Wisdom


The Lamp Light – A Christian Poem About Wisdom

The lamp light is lit.
The atoning wick sucks up the anointing oil
And is overflowing,
Spreading a blazing fire within my chamber.
I am mesmerized with the knowledge of wisdom –
The calming vision that you lay upon my eyes.
Tear down these fragile, crumbling walls of pride.
Replace them with towering stones that reach up to the heavens –
A fortress of faith that is impenetrable, insurmountable, indestructible.
Place me in your royal castle of solitude –
The holy palace that glimmers in glory atop a hill.
Free me from my own destruction,
And protect me from the voices of delusion that come knocking at the gate,
Coaxing me to embrace the desires of the world, eroding my faith,
And attempting to convince me that I am a prisoner
That must be set free.
Grant me the eyes to see through the tricks of temptation.
Assure my soul that there is but one means of salvation –
That the often times lonely path filled with hardships
Is true because it is so.
Allow me to know your will when confusion strikes
And my will fights with all its might
To cling to what is temporal, easy, and immediately gratifying.
Keep this lamp lit, and may its flame never wane
Or dim against the breeze of change
Or the winds of the world.
May I call you Lord not simply in word alone,
But recognize, answer to, and serve you as a slave to master.
When disaster strikes prevent my fear from persuading me
To cut off these cords and place myself back into control.
May your lamp light my way through the often dark and confusing forest.
May its fires warm and heat my soul
In a blaze of immeasurable glory.
And may I live desiring only to live out your plans
And not to write my own story.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

photo credit: Deepam. Festival of Lights, Chennai via photopin (license)

The Sailor

Sailor, Isla Puna, Ecuador

Release me – free to move loosely,
like the waters of the river bend.
Blow me across the sands of time,
like blades of grass in the summer wind.
Throw me into the chaos of your order.
Tear down these walls of imprisonment.
Unchain the thoughts that hold me
as a prisoner in a world with borders.
Give me the strength to sail my ship
in the vast, open sea.
Keep me from dwelling on the fears
Dying to destroy and limit me.
Oh, let me seek nothing but to open my sails
to catch the direction of your wind,
that I may drift wherever you desire,
that I would execute your demands
without questioning the orders you send.
Leave me a wreck-less sailor,
driven only by your understanding,
not by my fragile mind.
Help me conquer the voice of reason –
to know your powers extend beyond
the reach of the stars.
Help free me from the security of familiar lands.
Direct me to cast my nets wherever you say
the catch is to be found.
Gather me in the palm of your hands.
Cut off my foolish feet that would wish
to remain on solid ground.
But fearless freedom does not lie far from insanity,
so let me not rely on my own selfish longings –
only the orders that you call out to me.
Captain, allow me the strength –
remove my need to know all.
cast my desires aside to join your crew.
Push me out onto the vast, limitless sea,
To raise high my sails and follow you.


Photo Credit: Rinaldo W. via Compfight cc