Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

sunrise at dawn

Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

The cool, clean air welcomes me
from my slumber.
Dark nothingness surrounds me
like a safe cocoon, like a nurturing womb
that shuts out all the distractions and clutter
and noise and anxieties and all my insecurities
until it’s just You and me,
connected between time and space
and the beauty of the universe wears your face.
In the early hours before dawn, long before
the rest of the world even begins to stretch
in their beds and yawn,
I groove to Aurora’s song.
And it’s just the way I like it.
For it is not filled with the loneliness of midnight mourning,
but of peace, hope, and joy knowing
there’s a new day dawning,
begging to wash away yesterday’s failures if I let it.
And most of all, I love tuning into my morning lessons –
a student seated in nature’s classroom.
I get to watch the Master artisan
paint another picturesque portrait across the sky.
Though you’ve painted thousands before this
and only you know how many thousands more await beyond today,
I never greet the day with boredom.
Your paintings never fail to captivate my heart and capture my soul.
Each day leaves me mystified by your majesty,
and each day’s lesson leaves me breathlessly asking


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The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise


The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise

There’s beauty on the horizon,
the cock’s announcing the resounding crow.
The wisps of night fade away,
replaced by dawn’s early glow.

The treetops shake off their early shower,
still covered with dew drops from leaf to branch.
The birds of the forest push play on melody’s record,
inviting you to join their dance.

Get up! Get that coffee brewing.
Don’t miss your chance to catch the morn’.
When mother nature wields her magic
and the veil of night is vanquished and torn.

Don’t be afraid to trade your comfort of slumber.
Don’t hit snooze, roll over, or pull the window shade down.
For the early hours of morning hold
the greatest spectacle in town.


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