A Snowy Morning in the City Poem About Winter Snow and Nature

A Snowy Morning in the City

Snowflakes fall in silence
fluttering down from the sky
like feathers after a pillow fight
in the heavens,
coating rooftops in layers of white,
quickly burying black asphalt
and blurring the sight
of human hands upon the land.

The branches of pines and spruces
have been dipped in sugar.
The mighty trunks of the oaks
frosted with icing.
What a delicious dessert for the senses
in the city this morning!
Nature never looked so enticing. 

Justin Farley

Mother Nature’s Sleep – Winter Poetry About Nature

Mother Nature's Sleep

The snowflakes, the silence
echoes across the dark winter's night.
Nothing but a coat to keep
out the frozen breeze
that whips and throws
snow like confetti into the air
without a cause to celebrate
except for the breath still in my chest, 
the only warmth I have left
living in the harshness
of Mother Nature's sleep.

Justin Farley

SAD – A Poem About Winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder


SAD – A Poem About Winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder

The wind whips against the shutters.
Brutal blasts of cold swirl in the breeze.
Hope seems tattered and scattered,
lying buried beyond the brink of spring.

As I gaze out from within my frozen fortress,
I square off, locked in a duel with death.
Fighting against the feelings of emptiness
lodged deep within my breast.

Void of a guiding and burning passion –
A fire whose flames lick and warm my heart.
Void of all willpower to take action –
left to remain shivering in the dark.

The lingering darkness leaves me blind –
unable to see beauty from my eyes.
The mundane landscape manages only to supply
drab and dreary images of black and white.

A long and trying winter,
starving and salivating for a feast on light.
Restlessly and ravenously awaiting spring’s dinner,
to sink our teeth back into life.


Photo Credit: wow_wa_cow via Compfight cc

A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons – Frost on the Field


Frost on the Field – A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons

When I woke up this morning,
I found that winter stopped by for a visit late last night,
spreading its dust across the grassy fields,
announcing to all winter’s not far from sight.

Nestled in our knitted sweaters,
tucked tightly in our toasty homes,
we watch another year fade away,
wondering where summer has gone.

And the trees have shed their clothing,
standing naked in the chilly breeze,
while the husks of harvest wither,
and the rivers begin to freeze.

I’m not ready for the snow to flutter,
falling like ash from the somber sky
but winter never asks for my opinion
and mother nature will surely pass me by.

When I walk through the sleepy villages,
People hibernating, hiding within their homes,
I stop and ponder why the season
always seems to make the soul feel all alone.

I say good-bye to the sun and his precious rays,
knowing I won’t be seeing him for a good, long while
because there’s frost on the field
and winter’s not but another mile.

As much as I have against winter, this years I am trying to have a better outlook. But for me, writing or reading about negative feelings are sometimes a way of healing them. You may want to check out my previous post Dealing With Winter – Learning From Nature for a more positive tone 🙂

Photo Credit: algo via Compfight cc