A Snowy Morning in the City Poem About Winter Snow and Nature

A Snowy Morning in the City

Snowflakes fall in silence
fluttering down from the sky
like feathers after a pillow fight
in the heavens,
coating rooftops in layers of white,
quickly burying black asphalt
and blurring the sight
of human hands upon the land.

The branches of pines and spruces
have been dipped in sugar.
The mighty trunks of the oaks
frosted with icing.
What a delicious dessert for the senses
in the city this morning!
Nature never looked so enticing. 

Justin Farley

Mother Nature’s Sleep – Winter Poetry About Nature

Mother Nature's Sleep

The snowflakes, the silence
echoes across the dark winter's night.
Nothing but a coat to keep
out the frozen breeze
that whips and throws
snow like confetti into the air
without a cause to celebrate
except for the breath still in my chest, 
the only warmth I have left
living in the harshness
of Mother Nature's sleep.

Justin Farley