The Black Veil – A Poem

5150943940_b94fffd722_bThe Black Veil – A Poem

I wear this black veil of despair
Like the wrappings of a mummy,
Covering my self-inflicted wounds.

My face frozen in cold, blank stare
Trapped within my tomb,
Alone in my room.

Why do you continue to test me?
Why do you hold out savory meat
Only to snatch it from my hands?

It is wrong for me to question your authority,
To question the good of your plans,
To hold you in contempt, unable to understand?

I wear this lonely shroud of betrayal.
Spend my days wondering
Why is it I who should be denied?

Haven’t I sought to be faithful?
Why are the wicked given an easy ride,
Never facing near the trials you’ve thrown in my life?

Is it too much to ask
For an outlet to this love,
Just to have a companion by my side?

Each time the die is cast
Comes another lashing to my pride,
Another time where I’d discarded and thrown aside.

Why is it that romantic lovers
Are often the ones alone,
While cheaters, liars, thieves, and betrayers come home to open arms?

But though anger stirs, I’ll patiently wait to discover
Why you seem set on placing me in the midst of harm,
Why alone is always where you think I belong.

I wear this black veil of despair,
But I trust that you know more
Than what sits before my somber scene.

I guess that life is not always fair,
So be my rock upon which I lean
As I wait in solitude until you send to me my queen.

-Poem by Justin Farley


photo credit: Dream is Just A Dream via photopin (license)

I Want To Walk With You – A Poem


I Want To Walk With You – A Poem

I want to walk with you
Out through the cornfields
Where the dried up stalks
And brittle husks flutter in the cool wind.
I want to take your hand
And venture down the rows
The combines have cut,
Corn kernels crunching beneath our feet,
And make our way to where field and forest meet,
Where street cars are silent
And the noise of the city is muted to our ears.
I want to walk with you through the fears
Where dreams dance with possibility,
Where it’s safe to embrace vulnerability.
I want to watch the geese take flight
As we drive flocks away with our laughter
And listen as the blue jay squawks his warning call.
I want to look into your eyes
And tell you all my heart longs to speak –
To lay my trust down at your feet
And watch you pick it up,
Carefully tucking it away in your arms.
I want to walk with you
Out past the cornfields
Where fall’s mist washes away doubt and apprehension.
I want to walk with you forever,
Wherever this crazy, winding road goes.
Because you and the beautiful mess that’s you,
Is the only place that’s ever felt like home.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

photo credit: Praise via photopin (license)

Upon This Rock – A Christian Poem of Grace


Upon This Rock – A Christian Poem of Grace

Upon this rock I walk
Uncertain, yet composed.
Not crushed beneath the veil of darkness,
For with me always is a light that glows.
The demons of my weakness harass me.
Past failures breed doubts to future plans.
But upon this rock I’m free,
Caressed and cradled in loving hands.
Often I do not recognize my actions.
They are not in line with the man I know.
Ruthlessness is my natural reaction,
Yet somehow seeds of love are sown.
Anger still has moments of victory,
But the battles are swaying with tides of grace.
Love is beginning to reside within me,
Routing out my weeds of hate.
It is by no strong will of mine,
But because of this rock on which I stand.
It is only by the power of the Divine
That I am being transformed into a better man.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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Tears fall.
Shooting, streaming from the sky.
Stars that used to shine
Are extinguished in seas of pain and die.
Endless black covers heaven’s rooftop
With no signposts or signal fires to light and guide the way.
The moon mourns in solemn tunes,
Refusing to reflect the sun’s rays.
Dreams of desolation
Devour the realms of sleep.
For when love hides in solitude,
The Sandman only has tears to eat
And memories of days when the stars were endless,
Each burning bright clinging with hope to future possibility.
But hope ceases at the examination of reality.
The sand sprinkled from his hands
Is scorched in the fires of despair
And becomes sharp shards of glass
Gouging out eyes, blinding them
And leaving only visions of the past.
For every promise made that’s been broken,
There’s a battered heart that’s left not woken,
Left to wither in a web of unattainable dreams.
Stars stream from the sky and heaven cries
Because love has clipped their wings.

– Poem Written by Justin Farley


photo credit: Geminid Into the Light via photopin (license)

Patience – A Poem About Waiting and Trusting in God’s Timing


Patience – A Poem About Waiting and Trusting in God’s Timing

The agony of waiting, watching the hours
Drains my power and leaves me bitter
Filled with battered pride and endless angst.
But just as it takes a season to cultivate a flower,
I must keep a steadfast heart and wait.

My deepest failure is relying on my own two hands
To control, conquer, defend, and prevent defeat.
For when I am solely responsible for the success of all life’s plans,
My heart lies anxious constantly, consciously looking
To deter life’s inevitable outcomes with each and every beat.

It is in waiting, humbly praying, admitting
That you and you alone know the matter of my fate,
That my anxious and impatient heart can rest
Trusting you know what’s best and patiently, pridelessly wait.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience via photopin (license)

If Only … – A Love Poem

crow in winter on a log

If Only …

– A Love Poem

If there was a way to pluck my beating heart from my chest,
I’d let you have it. Just to give you the comfort
Of knowing you could crush it at a moment’s notice,
Just so you wouldn’t feel so vulnerable, so weak, so full of fear.

If I could bind my arms and legs up in chains
Just to assure you that I’ll never leave,
Well, I’d be happy to be your slave, call you master,
If it’d make you feel less afraid.

If I could seal my lips shut
After I promise that my love is true,
Just so you know I can never take it back
Well…I’d do that too.

If I could cover myself in filth and reopen my every scar
Just so you wouldn’t feel so dirty,
I’d surely jump at the chance if I knew
That it would help you.

But I can’t.
And it’s killing me.
That my words carry no weight.
For they are the tongue of my heart,
Written with the ink of my tears
And etched with love’s bitter sting.
Without trust, love has no breath to sing.

So what now, my poor heart?
Are there any tricks left up your sleeve?
Any way of breaking the barriers of this madness?
Any way of convincing, so we don’t have to leave?

Oh, my poor, broken heart,
Can’t we just set these silly testimonies aside?
Can’t you read the truth, my love
When it’s written within my eyes?

Do not feel guilty for the thorns
You’ve stuck in my side.
But won’t you please pluck them out!
Don’t make me say good-bye.

photo credit: Crow attack via photopin (license)

Betrayal Burns Like A Bonfire – A Poem of Love

bonfire at night

Betrayal Burns Like A Bonfire – A Poem of Love

My heart is burning in the flames of betrayal –
Scorching like a fiery furnace stripping away metal,
Bubbling like a boiling brew over a kettle;
Anguish stirs within.

Oh, this wretched weakness, this bitter sin
That I allow my anger to smolder.
Steam sneaks out from beneath my nostrils.
I take the form of an angry dragon
With rigid, hard scales unable to be penetrated,
Trying to keep my lips closed and the flames contained
Within the confines of my belly.

Am I wounded by pride or jealously?
Honestly, I can’t tell.
It is this unwrapping that I’m dog-tired of,
Grown so weary of that I have a hard time
Picking back up the pieces of my shattered heart once more,
Fatigued by unraveling my spirit across the table to be viewed by another,
Only to have it trampled on upon the floor.

It is not even love alone that troubles me –
It is the human race.
So carelessly putting masks on their face
And acting out roles from plays
Their hearts were never meant to play,
Spewing out vomit of promises and passions
Without meaning a single word they say.

Maybe I’m just some alien invader never meant to live on planet Earth,
But for me, words have worth.
I am not interested in playing love,
Not interested in distributing new robes to try,
New parts to play like backyard kids.
I am only interested in doing love,
Of transcending the feeling of love
And ascending to acting love –
To love with all my heart and soul,
To patch the wounds and holes of another,
And to do whatever love requires to see it grow.

Surely, I am not alone!
Surely, there’s another willing to put in the work love requires!
One that doesn’t regard it to be a piece of trash to be discarded
After the initial infatuation date expires.

But where are you, Love?
Where are you, Truth?
You have been lost among the pages of this generation’s youth,
Who demands to eat their desires without working to see them grow –
So willing to reap, but so unwilling to sow;
This generation who is always on the go,
Looking for another quick fix for the restlessness
They harbor within their soul.

But the emptiness remains.
The emptiness that stirs the heart to look for another name
To hope in, to trust in for happiness and fulfillment.
But love was never meant to be a cure all for life’s woes.
But I suppose we’ve lost that too…
Morality is more than we can chew,
So we spit it out and are guided by our own intuition.
Chaos reigns supreme in the prideful heart –
Freedom has heavier chains than the most guarded prison.

So how do I let myself fall into the arms of another
When each one before this has sat back and watched as I’ve fallen on my face,
Sat back and sneered, cheered as I’m betrayed?
How do you still the child’s whisper in your ear
That lies will once again be uncovered, that you will once again discover
That they are just like all the rest,
Breathing without a beating heart in their chest,
But only a black, withered clump of coal
Who cares for you only as long as you can make them feel whole?

Betrayal burns like a bonfire,
And I’m not sure if I can put it out.
Or even want to for that matter…
So rage on sweet anger.
Burn with a fire so hot that it removes any longing
To pull this heart from my chest again.
Let me lie in lonely lullabies.
Let me dwell alone beneath the shadow of hillsides –
For solitude has its peace.
Let me rest in the quiet of isolation until I meet Truth on the street.
I’ve been so yearning to meet her.
I’ve danced with those who’ve pretended to wear her face,
But the bitter after-taste of their sweet kiss was only lies.
Oh, Truth, I’m calling to you.
Dear, if you can hear me now, won’t you answer my cry?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

photo credit: Torrington Cavalier Bonfire 2005 via photopin (license)

Free – A Love Poem About Being Yourself


Free – A Love Poem

Just when I thought I’d seen it all,
You burst onto the scene
And shattered my expectations within
An hour of your spirit’s introduction.
Since my first glance there has been no reduction,
No doubt that left me questioning my desire for you.
My passion is a steady rising –
A flood of love, lust, and delight
Ready to pour over the river banks.
This is my warning.
There will be no half ways or test licks.
Your soul will be kissed from head to toe.
I do not want to test your waters,
But to dive in head first,
To be lovers and thirst for each other’s hearts,
To feast upon the passions and pains
That have remained hidden
In the deepest chambers of our spirits.
There will be no you’s and me’s
But only we’s –
Two broken human beings reforged and molded as one.
You are my sun –
The bright shinning light
That reveals the path before me,
The warm, cozy aura that covers my face.
I yearn to savor your taste,
To digest your very essence
One new revealing at a time.
You are a gift from the Divine,
A present far greater than my wildest dreams,
Leaving me wondering what I’ve done
To deserve you my queen.
Bend down and let me crown you.
Then allow me to kneel before you
And give you authority over my heart.
Take it. It was yours from the start.
I needed no waiting, no casual dating,
Your character was confirmed
By the thumping and jumping of my heart.
Entwine me in all your ways my love.
Hold nothing back.
All your desires, dreams, and demons
Are safe with me.
Love, for the first time in my life,
You make me feel free to be nothing but me.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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