Illusions – A Poem


Illusions – A Poem

The demon water you drink
Is devouring your soul.
Don’t you know this road has no happy ending
And your heart will turn cold?

Repeating lies does not change reality.
Sooner or later you’ll have to face life’s inevitable truth.
Don’t set yourself on foolish paths, don’t chase foolish pursuits,
And hang your happiness up by your own noose.

The lies we tell our hearts are more deadly…more potent
Than the poison spewed from your lips.
Silence the serpent, the viper, the piper
That sings you mirages of bliss.

Strength is weak;
Weak is strong.
Pride brews careless ways
And pushes you to places you don’t belong.

Independence is dependence;
Dependence is independence.
Try to sweep the truth under the rug if you like,
But in solitude you depend on a mind of madness.

The free is captive;
The captive, free.
For the one who relies on self alone
Is bound in lonely chains of slavery.

Call yourself what you wish,
But truth still stares back at you in the mirror.
Pretending to be confident and defiant,
Does not erase your heart of fear.

The proud are brought to their knees;
The meek stand on their own two feet,
For the first step of growth
Is admitting you’re in need and weak.

So bat your lying eyes and put on a show.
But through your smirk, you’ll find only tears.
The road to hell is seen as heaven
By eyes that are blind and ears that refuse to hear.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

The Meeting of the Stoic and Romantic – A Poem


The Meeting of the Stoic and Romantic – A Poem

The stoic spoke to the romantic
As they crossed paths in the Roman Forum.
“How can you be so weak, so feeble, so helpless?
Have you no shame to show the world your heart, to wear emotion on your face?
Have you no fear, no understanding of the human race?
Surely, you’ll be taken advantage of
And this foolish notion you call love
Is nothing but an illusion.
The solution to life lies in the mind, not the heart.
Don’t weep when the world swallows you whole and tears you apart.
You’ll have no one to blame but yourself.
Can’t you be more like I
And pass the cruelty of the world by without batting an eye?
I am strong, in control, composed.
My fate is in my own hands.
I control my destiny and refuse to bow before any woman or man.
Scatter along now, and put that heart back where it belongs.
Chest out, chin up. Do at least pretend to be strong.”

The romantic did not cast his eyes down in shame,
But a fire of passion ignited on his face
And a smirk delighted in the flames.
“Ah, you may think I’m weak, feeble and without poise.
But I tell you without a doubt
That I’m stronger than mountains because I have a voice.
It is you, my friend, who is the weaker one.
For where I have joy, you have none.
It is true that my heart waivers from hot to cold.
But tell me, what will you have to hold onto
As your days pass and you grow old?
I trust in more than myself, for two is greater than one.
Independence is but a charade for the coward who hides and runs.
I choose to feel. I choose life.
Can a man who feels nothing at all even be considered alive?
My tear drops may fall. I may be called a fool to forgive.
But my scars are not weaknesses, but proof that I’ve lived.
I’ll go on loving without fear, for it’s the world’s most powerful fire –
Powerful enough to even topple this entire Roman Empire.”

At this the stoic balked.
What stupidity to think that love could withstand such force.
He chuckled and walked away.
But in the city of Jerusalem history was changing course –
A man named Jesus was being laid in a grave.

– Poem written by Justin Farley