A Short Love Poem For Her

She walks in stride with the sun, 
every day traversing the sky. 
Hovers above my head like a halo, 
eternally throwing light at my shadow; 
brightens my night when I've gone awry. 

Justin Farley

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Fragile – A Sonnet


Beauty bathes like a new born babe,
swimming into the world in a¬†mother’s embrace.
Shinning like a light that quickly fades,
extinguished into nothing without a trace.
Beauty rests like a fresh, wet snow
blanketed over the frozen ground,
but with only the warning of the sun’s warm glow,
fades into silence without a sound.
For beauty’s not a crop for an idle harvester,
nor to be left blowing in the breeze,
but nurtured to life like the gardener –
love and patience worked and watered into seed.
Beauty…life…fragile like a world of glass –
all clutch onto lives doomed to pass so fast.

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Photo Credit: __MaRiNa__ via Compfight cc