Purpose – A Poem About Growth and Flowers


Waiting in the darkness
is the catalyst for change.
A seed hides just beneath the soil
and toils to germinate.
It breaks out of its hard, lifeless shell
and reaches desperately for the sun.
It takes root and won't stop until it's done
flowering and offering
exactly what it was born to give -
beauty to the world.

Justin Farley

Deer Child – A Nature and Life Poem


Deer ChildĀ – A Nature and Life Poem

Doe and fawn
drink from the creek at dawn,
filling their bellies
to last out the noonday heat.

Doe protective and cautious;
fawn careless and unconscious –
unaware of the eyes
watching her from the bank.

Age brings wisdom and experience,
for the youthful heart is oblivious
to the dangers disguised as blissful indulgence
lurking in the field of freedom.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

Nature Poem About Walking in the Woods


Walking through the Forest – A Poem About Nature

To walk through the forest
and see sunlight shinning through the trees
is like a cool, refreshing breeze
to the spirit sweltering beneath
the heat of worldly troubles.

To walk through the forest
and observe nature’s mysterious order
is like a wall erected in the path of disorder,
calming the chaotic thoughts
in the mind of modern man.

To walk through the forest
and witness untainted beauty
is like relieving the watchman from his duty –
worry retreats into the void to sleep
while I gaze upon the work of divine hands.


-Poem Written by Justin Farley

The Beauty of the Divine – A Poem


Your beauty transcends my understanding.
Every blade of grass is a work of art.
The simplicity of snow falling on a cold, winter morning
Is enough to open and convict my heart.

How is it that my eyes could have been blind
To a vision and a body large enough to hold the stars?
Pride and selfish wisdom left me looking everywhere
Except at you, stumbling around for answers in the dark.

Truth has a funny way of hiding itself
From those without the humility of a pure heart.
One man sees mere canvas and color,
Another, a masterful work of art.

Don’t hide your glorious sunsets from me.
Paint your presence across the night sky.
Give me new glasses so that I may always see
The beauty of the Divine.


Photo Credit: PhoTones_TAKUMA via Compfight cc