Nature’s Spectacle – A Poem About Morning and Dawn


Nature’s Spectacle – A Poem About Morning and Dawn

Cock crows resounding, penetrating
through dense clouds of moisture.

Silence stirs. Nature’s alarm clock has sounded.
Pellets of dew cover meadows in morning like a soggy wet blanket.

Forests are brimming with life
long before the sun wakes to greet the day.

The creatures of morning need no brewed elixir
to get themselves moving; carpe diem is the driving force of their DNA.

Chirping can be heard throughout the wood
and feathers take flight from twilight roosts.

Deer scatter from their beds of dense undergrowth
and search the farmer’s field for breakfast.

Nature’s spectacle concludes with Aurora’s grand finale.
And I, well I sit back and watch in wide-eyed wonder.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Sun Getting Out Of Bed via photopin (license)

A Poem About Sunrise and Morning – Dawn


Dawn – A Poem About Sunrise and Morning

The fluttering of a thousand wings
flap and fill the sky –
blackbirds and geese fly to unknown destinations.
The cool dew of morning runs
down the grasses’ backs,
gathering upon the soil.
A misty fog hovers beneath the trees
and the sun begins peaking out over the horizon.
Silence still until at all once
trumpets blare from tiny beaks,
announcing the break of day.
There is no greater mystery for those who choose
to open their eyes and ears to it.
No way to gaze upon the transformation
and not be stunned in stupefied wonder.
For He has written the tune
upon each and every heart,
so that all may recognize his glory
when nature’s chord is struck.


photo credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise


The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise

There’s beauty on the horizon,
the cock’s announcing the resounding crow.
The wisps of night fade away,
replaced by dawn’s early glow.

The treetops shake off their early shower,
still covered with dew drops from leaf to branch.
The birds of the forest push play on melody’s record,
inviting you to join their dance.

Get up! Get that coffee brewing.
Don’t miss your chance to catch the morn’.
When mother nature wields her magic
and the veil of night is vanquished and torn.

Don’t be afraid to trade your comfort of slumber.
Don’t hit snooze, roll over, or pull the window shade down.
For the early hours of morning hold
the greatest spectacle in town.


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