Poem About the Problems with Social Media and Technology

Technology's Whore

The crickets have resumed
their late-night lullabies--
such sweet serenades to my ears.
They echo across early spring skies,
and I've begun to realize
how much I've missed
solitude's serendipitous surprises,
revealed when distractions are cleared.

In their melodious music
I find more meaning
than in the endless stream of digital chatter.
We've all been cajoled
into lowering our eyes to life,
hypnotized by sparkling screens,
willingly wearing shackles of dopamine,
and hailing technology our master.

But paradoxically, the Internet's
constant stream of content
has not enriched our lives
or given humanity a much needed drink.
It has only washed away our ability to think,

eroded our foundation,
and its current has carried away
the essence that existed at humanity's core.
So from now on I'm content
to listen to the concerts of crickets.
I choose real, tangible, rich, and meaningful;
I'm through with being technology's whore.

Justin Farley

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Pocket Pleasure Poem

Pocket Pleasure
Poem About Being Addicted to Your Phone and Technology

Every time I turn you on
and wake you from your technological slumber,
I feel your curses swimming through my mind - 
electrical impulses gripping me without consent.
And then I hate my neediness.
Hate my discontent,
unable to sit alone in the silence
without your warm glow,
without your unending hits of dopamine.

I'm addicted to a hooker
personally on call for me 24/7.
Who's ready and willing
to meet my every need.
Who's ready to stroke my ego on demand.
Who's ready to enrage me with the news.
Who conceals my flaws and accentuates my strengths.
Who vindicates me in the face of enemies.
Who lets me ride the tide of emotions on repeat.
Who never asks me for my money.
Only my time.

Justin Farley

Beauty’s Elegy Poem About the Fake Life of the Digital World

Beauty's Elegy

Beauty is dead.
She's decaying in her casket
by common consent.
She withered and shriveled into a ghost
because our eyes no longer saw her,
glued to our synthetic screens,
while she sensually danced
begging for attention
but found no audience among this generation.

Beauty cried out but her shouts
went unnoticed among a litany
of dinging alerts
until she collapsed in the corner.
This awareness, this guilt hurts
to know we divorced Beauty
for that slut Pixel
who hides far too many secrets
beneath her flawless exterior for comfort.
Her digital surgeries are occurring every second,
wiping any trace of the real from her appearance.

Beauty, I miss you.
You didn't have to hike your up skirt
and have your tits casually falling out of your shirt
like some trashy hooker to get lookers.
Your imperfection was perfection - 
raw, real, and flushing with life.

Beauty, do we not see 
what we've done to you, to us?
Our hearts are now tangled in lust
longing for a mirage that fades
the second we close in on it.
We can no longer trust
our eyes to tell us what's attractive
because it's all deceptive,
marred by more digital makeup
that we can wipe away.

Beauty, I - for one - rue the day
your beautiful body died.
I'm convinced you're still out there,
floating around looking for a body.
For if I unplug my vampiric friends
long enough I swear I catch glimpses of you.
Beauty, I tell it true -
though we may not know it yet,
we've never more desperately
wanted and needed you.

Justin Farley

Satan’s Speech Christian Religious Narrative Poem

Satan's Speech
A Narrative Poem with Religious Themes

Satan stepped up to the podium,
cleared his throat, and tapped the microphone
to address his legions of demons gathered
with each new, human generation
to discuss matters of military penetration.
"It is no longer necessary
to corrupt good for evil," he said.
"It's quite satisfactory to distract
the mind and heart from mission to resignation,
carried away by the slews of sedition,
soul-numbed in leisurely pursuits.
Preferable, in fact.
For who questions convenience?
Which one of your clients challenges comfort
or inspects the tools built by good intention?"

"If there's one thing we know,
dear friends, is how given the choice,
the allure of sin is stronger
than righteousness in even the nicest fellow.
But sin disguised as harmless, helpful, fun,
beguiled by necessity for modern life...
well, that's the Trojan Horse 
that turns the tides of war - 
the break we've waited eons for."

A light echo of laughter
broke out across the room.
Abaddon leaned in close to the mic,
"If you don't understand the chuckle of your neighbor,
you're far too young to understand our plight
across the ages and the countless battles
we've fought for control of the human heart.
For even the wisest sages
are penetrable in a world of distraction.
We no longer need to trade truth for lies.
Just simply plant alibis 
to embrace the easy and immediate
in favor of the important and inconvenient
until it becomes buried
beneath a pile of endless
beeps, dings, and buzzes,
and they'll forget Truth was ever there to begin with."

He grabbed the mic from the stand
and began pacing across the stage,
his powerful, intoxicating shadows
dancing across the walls,
magnified by the candlelight.
Lucifer continued,
"Could it get any easier, my friends?
Remember the centuries when
we'd have to convince them
to pluck the fruit
fully aware of their sin
and our whispers slithering out of the bush?"

"We now simply need to convince them
that the world has grown far too large
for them to make a difference,
that their lives are too busy for prayer,
and that reading is antiquated...
far easier to keep that vile book
we all abhor out of their hands
than convince them it belongs in the trash."

"Don't you know 'faith without works is dead'?"
Belial said with a smirk.
"And modern technology
keeps their restless hearts so busy,
they don't even realize they're dying inside."
A deep, wicked, bellowed laugh
amplified from the stage
and an applause rang throughout the crowd.

Justin Farley

Sweet Utopia – Poem About Social Media and Technology Addiction

Sweet Utopia

The sounds of motorcars
are noxious to the ears.
Fingers convulsing on the steering wheel
precede the piercing screams of honks - 
an abundance of impatience.
Where are you going in such a hurry?
Is it worth sacrificing peace of mind
for seconds of time?

Oh, yes I forgot...
You've got poisonous news to devour
and social media garbage to digest,
getting cold on a plate at home.

Push the pedal harder.
Forget "come to a complete stop".
More honks to get that asshole
in front of you moving.
Don't they know you're starving
and have been craving 
bright screen and mindless scrolling all day? 

Ignore your kids' greetings at the door.
Ha! That's a laugh.
They're alone in their rooms,
feeding on their own hyper-stimulation,
being raised by those lovely YouTube personalities.
It's comforting to know they've got such nice
boys and girls to keep them company.
How'd you get so lucky to have such quiet kids,
numbed in addiction-fulfilled stupor?

Where did the time go?
Looks like another night
of little sleep
and a yawn-filled morning.
It's a good thing 
you saved that time
racing home from work
or you'd really be behind.
What a wonderful
utopia we've created.

Poem by Justin Farley

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