Beauty’s Elegy Poem About the Fake Life of the Digital World

Beauty's Elegy

Beauty is dead.
She's decaying in her casket
by common consent.
She withered and shriveled into a ghost
because our eyes no longer saw her,
glued to our synthetic screens,
while she sensually danced
begging for attention
but found no audience among this generation.

Beauty cried out but her shouts
went unnoticed among a litany
of dinging alerts
until she collapsed in the corner.
This awareness, this guilt hurts
to know we divorced Beauty
for that slut Pixel
who hides far too many secrets
beneath her flawless exterior for comfort.
Her digital surgeries are occurring every second,
wiping any trace of the real from her appearance.

Beauty, I miss you.
You didn't have to hike your up skirt
and have your tits casually falling out of your shirt
like some trashy hooker to get lookers.
Your imperfection was perfection - 
raw, real, and flushing with life.

Beauty, do we not see 
what we've done to you, to us?
Our hearts are now tangled in lust
longing for a mirage that fades
the second we close in on it.
We can no longer trust
our eyes to tell us what's attractive
because it's all deceptive,
marred by more digital makeup
that we can wipe away.

Beauty, I - for one - rue the day
your beautiful body died.
I'm convinced you're still out there,
floating around looking for a body.
For if I unplug my vampiric friends
long enough I swear I catch glimpses of you.
Beauty, I tell it true -
though we may not know it yet,
we've never more desperately
wanted and needed you.

Justin Farley

Poem About Art Life and Vulnerability

Pure Art

Pure art is fragile,
stitched together and held
by our dreams, joys, and struggles.
It is not perfect
for life is not perfect
and the truest art
reflects life as it is - 
imperfect, messy, 
yet full of possibility.

It is the imperfection that speaks
to our imperfect hearts,
assuring us that we too are beautiful
despite our flaws.
The artist knows that 
the harder perfection is sought after
the farther out of reach it becomes.
For the artist is human 
and so should their work - 
not messy. not sloppy. 
But real, raw, and pure.

Usually, the harder we try to perfect our art
the more harsh, cold, and lifeless it becomes.
Because pure art
invites us to embrace and love
ourselves and others
as the imperfect characters we are.
And that's why we love them. 

Justin Farley

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Looking For Eternal Love Poem – “The Wings of A Fighter”


The Wings of A Fighter – A Poem About Looking For Eternal Love

I’m looking for the wings of a fighter,
someone to take flight with
and who won’t turn back at the slightest breeze.
She need not be perfect and can have scars upon her,
she just must be resistant to whatever weather fortune brings.

I’m done floating on delicate bubbles,
quickly rising, but eager to pop.
I’m done dealing with skyline struggles,
pleading and begging just to keep from being dropped.

I’m looking for the wings of a fighter,
she may be bruised but absorbs life’s punches
without letting go of my hand.
When she’s afraid she clutches me tighter,
and her promises are solid ground, not suddenly swallowed by sand.

I’m done flying with fallen angels
who fiercely hold onto pride and careless ways.
I’m done rebuilding and mending halos
only to find they have no desire to reenter heaven’s gates.

I’m looking for the wings of a fighter
with feathers secure and ready for flight.
Someone who is not merely a glider,
but a partner who flaps her wings beside me,
raging and resisting against the black of night.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

About the Poem

A poem about looking for eternal love and finding a partner who is dedicated and sticks by your side through life’s struggles.

photo credit: Alter ego via photopin (license)

The Pearl – A Poem

oyster with pearl

The Pearl – A Poem

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

Your shell is hard and dirty,
Protecting the smooth gem that resides within.
You may fool the world with your tough exterior
But I know the beauty beneath your skin.

You have not made my search an easy journey,
But I’ll dive to depths unfathomable to hold you.
Oh, you may think you’re not unique or worthy,
But your glimmer has an incomparable hue.

I know you’re scared to be taken from your shell,
But no chest is safer than my heart.
These two hands will protect and never abandon you.
This man is incapable of letting you break and fall apart.

I hold my breath and dive to depths
That others would never dare.
Yes, I risk my death to pull you from the dark,
For to your beauty there is none to compare.

Won’t you come out of hiding
And trust I can do you no wrong?
Won’t you step out of this sea of suffering
And find safety within these arms?

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

Beauty – A Love Poem


Beauty – A Love Poem

There are no words fine enough,
No metaphors fair enough,
No lines long enough,
To describe your beauty.

Your move me with your mystifying glances
That dance like fireflies
Flickering in the summer breeze,
Shooting sparks through the dark.

My heart jumps with certainty
Knowing that you are a rare jewel
Of more value than any diamond a miner could find,
Sculpted with care and perfection
By the hand of the Divine.

You are truly God’s gift to sight,
When I look upon you I bask in delight.
But a greater treasure still lingers
Beneath beauty’s shell,
Like refreshing water at the bottom of a well,
Your heart quenches my soul’s thirst.
Pure, tender, and courageous,
I yearn to protect it
To ensure it’s never corrupted or broken.

I long to be held in your heart of gold,
To be your heat when the world leaves you cold.
You are a mystery I’ve long waited to unravel,
A destination my heart has long dreamed to travel.
You infuse me with the desire to be a better man,
Aspire me to carry you off to enchanted lands
And make all your dreams come true.
If I could gather up all God’s gorgeous landscapes
And place them all by your side,
Their beauty could still not compare to you.

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: All in red via photopin (license)