Beauty – A Love Poem


Beauty – A Love Poem

There are no words fine enough,
No metaphors fair enough,
No lines long enough,
To describe your beauty.

Your move me with your mystifying glances
That dance like fireflies
Flickering in the summer breeze,
Shooting sparks through the dark.

My heart jumps with certainty
Knowing that you are a rare jewel
Of more value than any diamond a miner could find,
Sculpted with care and perfection
By the hand of the Divine.

You are truly God’s gift to sight,
When I look upon you I bask in delight.
But a greater treasure still lingers
Beneath beauty’s shell,
Like refreshing water at the bottom of a well,
Your heart quenches my soul’s thirst.
Pure, tender, and courageous,
I yearn to protect it
To ensure it’s never corrupted or broken.

I long to be held in your heart of gold,
To be your heat when the world leaves you cold.
You are a mystery I’ve long waited to unravel,
A destination my heart has long dreamed to travel.
You infuse me with the desire to be a better man,
Aspire me to carry you off to enchanted lands
And make all your dreams come true.
If I could gather up all God’s gorgeous landscapes
And place them all by your side,
Their beauty could still not compare to you.

– Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: All in red via photopin (license)

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