The Writer and the Wild – A Poem About Nature and Writing


The Writer and the Wild – A Poem About Nature and Writing

White winged wonder wandering,
wobbling west beside water.
Flitting feathers flying –
flocks fleeing for fields of gold.
Sun shinning. Stream shimmering.
Chinook salmon swimming, spawning sacks, spewing semen.
Man musing merrily, mindfully mapping manuscript
In a mad, maniacal manner.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Salmon run at Adams River 2010 via photopin (license)

Pondering At Sunrise – A Christian Poem On the Beauty of Nature


Pondering At Sunrise – A Christian Poem on the Beauty of Nature

I look out into the morning sky,
Waiting for the curtain of night to lift,
And the same questions I’ve sought answers
To for ages keep rolling through my head:
Why can’t I accept grace as a gift
And not as a reward to be earned?
Why do these doubts keep nagging at me,
Even when the truth has been revealed?
Why do I have to examine and scrutinize
Every minuscule detail and refuse to believe
Unless I can see and touch you with my eyes and hands?
Why do I continue to play you,
constantly trying to solve your mystery
And needing to know all the answers?
Why do I still not trust you,
Even though you’ve shown me no reason to be alarmed?
And why do I continue to push you away
When my soul longs and years for you love?
My pondering has almost made me miss
The beauty of the sunrise.
I look out in the morning sky,
Admiring the beauty of your creation,
And for a moment, my questions become irrelevant.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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The Weeping Willow – A Poem About Nature

weeping willow

The Weeping Willow – A Poem About Nature and Trees

The forests and fields are fading,
Replaced by cookie cutter houses and pleasure centers.
Quick! Get a glimpse of the soil
As it’s tilled one last time,
Before it’s fruit is forever sealed beneath concrete,
Whose paved arms don’t let us sink in,
But stand firm and hard at our feet.
We used to run around barefoot in the summer breeze,
The rich, soft earth padding our steps.
But we’ve cut you off,
And now our royal pavements offer no comfort –
they dash and scrape our souls
As our bare feet walk upon them.

The forests where we once watched birds
And observed animals, mesmerized by their beauty,
Are now parking lots littered with empty paper bags
And shopping carts blowing with the breeze.
We’ve damned up rivers, drained the land,
And raped Mother Nature for every last penny –
Turned the purest Vestal Virgin into a dirty slut.

Where will we take our sons and daughters
To teach them about life?
No, not humanity, but life as a whole.
I know it may come as a shock,
But we’re not the only species on this planet.
What museum could ever compare
To the beauty of nature’s gallery,
Showcasing the work of the greatest artist
The world will ever know,
Whose palette holds new mysteries everyday
And who redefines beauty each and every second,
Whose masterpieces include works such as
“The Sunrise”, “The Sunset”, “The Moon”, and “The Stars”?

We give a damn about our domestic animals,
Who we use as accessories to lives filled with void –
That is as long as we can control them
And they submit to our slavery.
But as Fido gets upgraded outfits,
The rest of his kind are driven deeper
Into seclusion and find themselves without homes.
Yet, we’re quick to scream, “Call animal services”
As soon as they start showing up in our cities
Because they’ve got nowhere else to go.

We’re now finishing up
What we did to Native Americans all those years ago,
Driving out anything that reminds us we’re not in control
And trying to tame the untamable,
Driving beauty out to the Pacific sea,
While we replace it with selfishness and greed.
We designate reservations for nature,
Assign it an acre and boxed in patch of land
And make sure to conform it to our demands.

It’s cool to not eat meat
And believe hunting is for insensitive, feeble minds.
But hunting is a drop of water
Compared to the endless sea of injustice that materialism
Lashes and strikes out against nature everyday.
So if all you’re going to do is complain
About the travesty of eating what was meant to be eaten –
Get out of the way.

Our mountains are crumbling.
Our rivers drying up or polluted with waste.
Forests are growing thinner every year,
And it’s getting harder and harder to not
See our cities out the other side.
And while man sits pondering
His next quantum leap,
The willow sags over her pool of tears,
Hiding her downcast eyes with her branches, and weeps.


-Poem Written by Justin Farley


photo credit: Food Stories via photopin cc

The Beauty of the Divine – A Poem


Your beauty transcends my understanding.
Every blade of grass is a work of art.
The simplicity of snow falling on a cold, winter morning
Is enough to open and convict my heart.

How is it that my eyes could have been blind
To a vision and a body large enough to hold the stars?
Pride and selfish wisdom left me looking everywhere
Except at you, stumbling around for answers in the dark.

Truth has a funny way of hiding itself
From those without the humility of a pure heart.
One man sees mere canvas and color,
Another, a masterful work of art.

Don’t hide your glorious sunsets from me.
Paint your presence across the night sky.
Give me new glasses so that I may always see
The beauty of the Divine.


Photo Credit: PhoTones_TAKUMA via Compfight cc

A Poem About Sunrise and Morning – Dawn


Dawn – A Poem About Sunrise and Morning

The fluttering of a thousand wings
flap and fill the sky –
blackbirds and geese fly to unknown destinations.
The cool dew of morning runs
down the grasses’ backs,
gathering upon the soil.
A misty fog hovers beneath the trees
and the sun begins peaking out over the horizon.
Silence still until at all once
trumpets blare from tiny beaks,
announcing the break of day.
There is no greater mystery for those who choose
to open their eyes and ears to it.
No way to gaze upon the transformation
and not be stunned in stupefied wonder.
For He has written the tune
upon each and every heart,
so that all may recognize his glory
when nature’s chord is struck.


photo credit: Nick Kenrick. via photopin cc

SAD – A Poem About Winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder


SAD – A Poem About Winter and Seasonal Affective Disorder

The wind whips against the shutters.
Brutal blasts of cold swirl in the breeze.
Hope seems tattered and scattered,
lying buried beyond the brink of spring.

As I gaze out from within my frozen fortress,
I square off, locked in a duel with death.
Fighting against the feelings of emptiness
lodged deep within my breast.

Void of a guiding and burning passion –
A fire whose flames lick and warm my heart.
Void of all willpower to take action –
left to remain shivering in the dark.

The lingering darkness leaves me blind –
unable to see beauty from my eyes.
The mundane landscape manages only to supply
drab and dreary images of black and white.

A long and trying winter,
starving and salivating for a feast on light.
Restlessly and ravenously awaiting spring’s dinner,
to sink our teeth back into life.


Photo Credit: wow_wa_cow via Compfight cc

The Cardinal – A Poem

Holiday Weekend Birds 2009

The Cardinal – A Poem

Scarlet red against the snowy white,
I see you at the feeder
munching on sunflower seed.

You do not know me.
But I know you.
I’ve watched you from the window-sill,
perched upon the feeder,
cracking seeds open with your beak
in the early morning winter,
ruffling your feathers to keep yourself warm,
hopping along the frozen ground
to pickup any leftovers that may have fallen,
but quick to fly back into the bare bushes
that shield you from the harsh, hollow wind.

You may not know it,
but I have been watching over you.
Making sure to keep your feeder full,
making sure you can find food
without a thorough search
and able to store up enough energy
to keep you warm and alive until spring.

But unknowingly, you have fed me as well.
I look through the glass, longing to see you.
Wishing I could reach out and touch you
and whisper a simple “thank you” and you’d understand.

You are my beauty
against the backdrop of nothing.
You are a fresh reminder of life
when winter leaves me stale and dying.

You give me a dose of laughter
as I watch you twitch your head back and forth,
appearing confused and never able to decipher
the landscape around you.

You remind me of the freedom of simplicity
when my mind becomes wound up like a complicated clock,
clanging with gears and compounded by time.

You are my company when the bitter cold
leaves me locked behind doors.
Dare I call you a friend?

You add color to a film reel
that replays over and over in black and white.
Yes, you and I need each other.
We go on together, unconsciously feeding each other life.

photo credit: Moschell via photopin cc

Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

sunrise at dawn

Morning’s Pupil – A Poem About Finding God in Nature’s Beauty

The cool, clean air welcomes me
from my slumber.
Dark nothingness surrounds me
like a safe cocoon, like a nurturing womb
that shuts out all the distractions and clutter
and noise and anxieties and all my insecurities
until it’s just You and me,
connected between time and space
and the beauty of the universe wears your face.
In the early hours before dawn, long before
the rest of the world even begins to stretch
in their beds and yawn,
I groove to Aurora’s song.
And it’s just the way I like it.
For it is not filled with the loneliness of midnight mourning,
but of peace, hope, and joy knowing
there’s a new day dawning,
begging to wash away yesterday’s failures if I let it.
And most of all, I love tuning into my morning lessons –
a student seated in nature’s classroom.
I get to watch the Master artisan
paint another picturesque portrait across the sky.
Though you’ve painted thousands before this
and only you know how many thousands more await beyond today,
I never greet the day with boredom.
Your paintings never fail to captivate my heart and capture my soul.
Each day leaves me mystified by your majesty,
and each day’s lesson leaves me breathlessly asking


Photo Credit: Reezy MD via Compfight cc

A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons – Frost on the Field


Frost on the Field – A Poem About Nature and Changing Seasons

When I woke up this morning,
I found that winter stopped by for a visit late last night,
spreading its dust across the grassy fields,
announcing to all winter’s not far from sight.

Nestled in our knitted sweaters,
tucked tightly in our toasty homes,
we watch another year fade away,
wondering where summer has gone.

And the trees have shed their clothing,
standing naked in the chilly breeze,
while the husks of harvest wither,
and the rivers begin to freeze.

I’m not ready for the snow to flutter,
falling like ash from the somber sky
but winter never asks for my opinion
and mother nature will surely pass me by.

When I walk through the sleepy villages,
People hibernating, hiding within their homes,
I stop and ponder why the season
always seems to make the soul feel all alone.

I say good-bye to the sun and his precious rays,
knowing I won’t be seeing him for a good, long while
because there’s frost on the field
and winter’s not but another mile.

As much as I have against winter, this years I am trying to have a better outlook. But for me, writing or reading about negative feelings are sometimes a way of healing them. You may want to check out my previous post Dealing With Winter – Learning From Nature for a more positive tone 🙂

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The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise


The Greatest Spectacle in Town – Poem About the Beauty of Nature At Sunrise

There’s beauty on the horizon,
the cock’s announcing the resounding crow.
The wisps of night fade away,
replaced by dawn’s early glow.

The treetops shake off their early shower,
still covered with dew drops from leaf to branch.
The birds of the forest push play on melody’s record,
inviting you to join their dance.

Get up! Get that coffee brewing.
Don’t miss your chance to catch the morn’.
When mother nature wields her magic
and the veil of night is vanquished and torn.

Don’t be afraid to trade your comfort of slumber.
Don’t hit snooze, roll over, or pull the window shade down.
For the early hours of morning hold
the greatest spectacle in town.


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