I Prefer – Poem about Loving Living in the Country


I Prefer – Poem about Country Life

I prefer the pastures beyond the prairie,
way back without any glimpse of home-
for that’s where joy seems to find me-
it’s in seclusion I feel least alone.

I prefer the forest beyond the fields,
where treetops shield me from the outside world,
where the peaceful melodies of mother nature heals,
and the beauty of birds and animals unfold.

I prefer the dusty dirt road,
beyond where the gravel meets concrete-
where the wild wind blows,
and creeks and streams take the place of city streets.

I prefer watching sunrises and sunsets-
they’re more real than so called “reality t.v.”
Enjoy moving slow enough to relax and rest
under the cool shade of the sycamore tree.

I prefer working with my own two hands
and not being a slave to the American Dream-
restlessly trying to live up to more and more demands,
only to spend our lives earning more and more unneeded things.

Yes. I prefer the pastures beyond the prairie,
where Peace and the Creator graze,
where I can hear your silence speak to me
and mother nature endlessly sings your praise.


Photo Credit: Nomadic Lass via Compfight cc

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