Wrestling With Sin A Poem About Sexual Desire Temptation

Wrestling With Sin
A Poem About Sexual Desire Temptation

I'm wrestling with sin
doing my damnedest not to give in.
But I feel my back pinned to the mat
knowing that temptation is going to win.

My life feels like a chokehold,
strangled beneath a force so strong and bold
that I've grown tired of attempts
to prevent what naturally seems to unfold.

In moments of weakness I'm another man - 
thirsting, yearning to fulfill my body's demands.
Oh, how does Mr. Hyde find a way to live
under Dr. Jekyll's straight and narrow commands?

How do I break free?
I know you haven't given up on me,
but how do I not give up on myself,
so prone to pulls from sin's gravity?

Do you understand my dilemma, Lord?
Burning with passion, yet unable to unsheathe my sword.
My heart longs to do your will but sometimes the cost
feels like more than I can afford.

Justin Farley

Hello, everyone! I have recently published my first chapbook of Christian poems titled “A Voice in the Wilderness – A Chapbook of Poems about God”. This has been developed and polished over the past six months or so. I am happy with the final product and hope you find encouragement in the poems but also a validation that the spiritual life is not all sunshine and rainbows. We all struggle. We all have periods of questions and/or doubt. But it is the yearning that keeps us coming back for more and allows us to experience joy.
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Satan’s Speech Christian Religious Narrative Poem

Satan's Speech
A Narrative Poem with Religious Themes

Satan stepped up to the podium,
cleared his throat, and tapped the microphone
to address his legions of demons gathered
with each new, human generation
to discuss matters of military penetration.
"It is no longer necessary
to corrupt good for evil," he said.
"It's quite satisfactory to distract
the mind and heart from mission to resignation,
carried away by the slews of sedition,
soul-numbed in leisurely pursuits.
Preferable, in fact.
For who questions convenience?
Which one of your clients challenges comfort
or inspects the tools built by good intention?"

"If there's one thing we know,
dear friends, is how given the choice,
the allure of sin is stronger
than righteousness in even the nicest fellow.
But sin disguised as harmless, helpful, fun,
beguiled by necessity for modern life...
well, that's the Trojan Horse 
that turns the tides of war - 
the break we've waited eons for."

A light echo of laughter
broke out across the room.
Abaddon leaned in close to the mic,
"If you don't understand the chuckle of your neighbor,
you're far too young to understand our plight
across the ages and the countless battles
we've fought for control of the human heart.
For even the wisest sages
are penetrable in a world of distraction.
We no longer need to trade truth for lies.
Just simply plant alibis 
to embrace the easy and immediate
in favor of the important and inconvenient
until it becomes buried
beneath a pile of endless
beeps, dings, and buzzes,
and they'll forget Truth was ever there to begin with."

He grabbed the mic from the stand
and began pacing across the stage,
his powerful, intoxicating shadows
dancing across the walls,
magnified by the candlelight.
Lucifer continued,
"Could it get any easier, my friends?
Remember the centuries when
we'd have to convince them
to pluck the fruit
fully aware of their sin
and our whispers slithering out of the bush?"

"We now simply need to convince them
that the world has grown far too large
for them to make a difference,
that their lives are too busy for prayer,
and that reading is antiquated...
far easier to keep that vile book
we all abhor out of their hands
than convince them it belongs in the trash."

"Don't you know 'faith without works is dead'?"
Belial said with a smirk.
"And modern technology
keeps their restless hearts so busy,
they don't even realize they're dying inside."
A deep, wicked, bellowed laugh
amplified from the stage
and an applause rang throughout the crowd.

Justin Farley

Temptation and the Train Ride



Temptation is a coiled whip
that loves to strike and snap,
the minute you attempt to run from desire
and turn your back.

I see you coming, winding down my heart-
a beautiful black locomotive on a railway track.
I hear your whistle blowing, but my desire’s got me tied.
Trapped in your lies. Wedged in your ties.

I don’t need a ticket, boarding pass, or documentation.
You say my ride with you’s free if I want to come along-
“the last real thing in our world without a cost,” you tell me.
And I believe you.

I climb aboard and am dazzled by the glamour-
every box car’s filled with the finest comforts money can buy.
There’s guests of every nation, every gender, every race
wearing smiles and having the time of their lives.

I take my seat by the window, determined to have a splendid view.
But the farther and farther away from home I get
I begin to wonder…
just where are we going?

“Excuse me sir,” I ask one of the waiters.
“Where are we headed?”
He dodges my question, appears not to have heard,
yet has no problem offering me wine and dessert.

“No wine or dessert for me,” I say.
“I just want to know where we’re going.”
He just smiles at me, “Oh, you’ll see.” His reply leaves me
a little nervous, as if there was a secret behind that grin.

I reexamine the other passengers,
hoping they may hold answers to my questions.
But they seem so distracted by their desires-
they seem to have little care for our destination.

It’s then I see the horror,
shackles attached to their feet.
Each and every customer’s a prisoner,
believing they’re on a fine retreat.

“I want off! I want off!” I cry.
“I’m sorry. There’s no stops along our trip.”
I get up to protest, but find it hard to walk-
I notice the extra weight of chains on my feet.

I make for the door, but soon get tired.
With each step the comforts of desire
become more and more appealing, draining my hope for freedom
and questioning why I would ever want to leave.

So I join the crowed.
And sit back down.
Not caring where it is we’re going,
only thinking, “what a lovely time I’m having here”.

Temptation is a coiled whip
that loves to strike and snap,
the minute you attempt to run from desire
and turn your back.

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