How to Fight A Battle You Can’t Win

The world stands –
tempting and taunting.
Your inhibition weak –
restless and yawning,
ready to wake and welcome desire,
to add fuel to this fire
you’ve fought so hard to contain.
But instead of fighting a battle you can’t win
you stop, slow it down, and simply whisper His name.



  1. Thank you, jafarley. You are right; God’s patience is endless!! When I am feeling overwhelmed, sometimes, the only thing I can do is say thank you God; I love you God; thank you, thank you, thank you. Depression tries to take control, but I feel better just saying thank you. I can do nothing without Him. Thanks,


    • You’re very welcome! It amazes me how much better prayer and praise makes you feel. When I am feeling anxious, depressed, or tempted is usually when I’m most focused on myself, my thoughts, wants etc. God gets me out of myself and assures me that I’m blessed even if I don’t feel like it in this moment. Thanks for your comment!

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