Wrestling With Sin A Poem About Sexual Desire Temptation

Wrestling With Sin
A Poem About Sexual Desire Temptation

I'm wrestling with sin
doing my damnedest not to give in.
But I feel my back pinned to the mat
knowing that temptation is going to win.

My life feels like a chokehold,
strangled beneath a force so strong and bold
that I've grown tired of attempts
to prevent what naturally seems to unfold.

In moments of weakness I'm another man - 
thirsting, yearning to fulfill my body's demands.
Oh, how does Mr. Hyde find a way to live
under Dr. Jekyll's straight and narrow commands?

How do I break free?
I know you haven't given up on me,
but how do I not give up on myself,
so prone to pulls from sin's gravity?

Do you understand my dilemma, Lord?
Burning with passion, yet unable to unsheathe my sword.
My heart longs to do your will but sometimes the cost
feels like more than I can afford.

Justin Farley

Hello, everyone! I have recently published my first chapbook of Christian poems titled “A Voice in the Wilderness – A Chapbook of Poems about God”. This has been developed and polished over the past six months or so. I am happy with the final product and hope you find encouragement in the poems but also a validation that the spiritual life is not all sunshine and rainbows. We all struggle. We all have periods of questions and/or doubt. But it is the yearning that keeps us coming back for more and allows us to experience joy.
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A Poem About Alcoholism and Addiction – “One More Taste”

“One More Taste” – Poem About Alcoholism and Addiction


Like an empty bottle of whiskey,
I’ve drank you down to the last drop.
The alcoholic in me is still thirsty,
But my rationale tells me to stop.

A madman feening, I sit alone with my demons,
Pacing, wrestling with racing thoughts.
Counting the minutes waiting out these hellish withdrawals,
But the hands sit idle on the clock.

There is no joy for an addict
Walking away from his self-prescribed relief.
Yet knowing that somehow he must get clean,
But doesn’t know how to bear the grief.

I’ve sworn off the drink,
But the fire of your aftertaste still burns on my lips,
Memories on my mind, wanting to rewind
And get just one more fix.

I may be sober,
But the hangover remains.
Without my elixir to soothe me,
I’m left only to bear the pain.

This bottle remains empty –
A void of space that can’t be replaced.
I know that another drink could be my downfall,
So why do I long for another taste?

The Pearl – A Poem

oyster with pearl

The Pearl – A Poem

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

Your shell is hard and dirty,
Protecting the smooth gem that resides within.
You may fool the world with your tough exterior
But I know the beauty beneath your skin.

You have not made my search an easy journey,
But I’ll dive to depths unfathomable to hold you.
Oh, you may think you’re not unique or worthy,
But your glimmer has an incomparable hue.

I know you’re scared to be taken from your shell,
But no chest is safer than my heart.
These two hands will protect and never abandon you.
This man is incapable of letting you break and fall apart.

I hold my breath and dive to depths
That others would never dare.
Yes, I risk my death to pull you from the dark,
For to your beauty there is none to compare.

Won’t you come out of hiding
And trust I can do you no wrong?
Won’t you step out of this sea of suffering
And find safety within these arms?

Precious pearl that glimmers somewhere
At the bottom of the sea.
How many shells must I pry open
Before you reveal yourself to me?

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

Passion’s Answer – A Love Poem

Come lay down at my feet,
Come sweep away the pain that follows me,
Haunting me wherever my restless heart roams.

Fix your gaze upon my soul,
Look in its mirror and see its reflection shows you,
And see that its essence is true.

Let me tell you my tales of unwritten stories
And the unfilled lines that are strung across my heart –
Secrets I will whisper in your ears in the dark.

May your lips reach across the boundary lines,
And your light cause the darkness to hide.
Spread yourself across my table and let me drink of your wine.

Passion bubbles like soap suds floating on the wind,
Sending messages out in colorful auras –
Orbs that I fill with hope that you will reach
Out and pluck them from the air.

Let your hair flow down to your breast,
Untangle your web of insecurities in my arms.
You’re safe by my side.
My heart cannot bear to cause you harm.

Come to me as a slave,
But allow me to dismantle your chains
And set the prisoner inside you free.

Quiet your lying mind,
But heighten your senses.
Let me tear down your walls with my love,
Leave no trace left of defenses.

Climb aboard my ship
And ride upon passion’s sea.
Unfold your royal carpet at my feet
And allow me to fulfill passion’s plea.

A Lover’s Journey – A Love Poem


A Lover’s Journey – A Love Poem

If you offer me your hand,
I will follow you
Forever across fields of heather,
Through the pastures of clover,
And down the valley filled with bramble and thorn.
Adorn your brow with freshly picked flowers, love
And let us frolic beneath the sun,
Entwined like creeping vines and becoming one.

Do I dare tear down these walls of security
And stand bare before you,
My soul naked and vulnerable,
Anxiously awaiting your response?
Do you delight in what dangles before you
Or do you remain unmoved and free from the bonds of desire?
Offer me a place to put my spark of passion, love
And I will build a fire
To burn away the dead, dry timber of yesterdays.

Do not be afraid.
For I am the caretaker of your heart,
The one who nestles it within my breast
And guards it like a treasure.
Never will it break or fall apart.
Your eyes are like jewels that hypnotize and gleam,
Reflecting the inner yearnings of my spirit
And promising new things to come.
I long to take this ride across the countryside with you,
To dance beneath summer sun and full moon,
To get lost among the stalks of corn fields
Until we harvest a fertile crop.
Sow me a seed of passion, beloved
And vow that our love will always be enough.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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