Passion’s Answer – A Love Poem

Come lay down at my feet,
Come sweep away the pain that follows me,
Haunting me wherever my restless heart roams.

Fix your gaze upon my soul,
Look in its mirror and see its reflection shows you,
And see that its essence is true.

Let me tell you my tales of unwritten stories
And the unfilled lines that are strung across my heart –
Secrets I will whisper in your ears in the dark.

May your lips reach across the boundary lines,
And your light cause the darkness to hide.
Spread yourself across my table and let me drink of your wine.

Passion bubbles like soap suds floating on the wind,
Sending messages out in colorful auras –
Orbs that I fill with hope that you will reach
Out and pluck them from the air.

Let your hair flow down to your breast,
Untangle your web of insecurities in my arms.
You’re safe by my side.
My heart cannot bear to cause you harm.

Come to me as a slave,
But allow me to dismantle your chains
And set the prisoner inside you free.

Quiet your lying mind,
But heighten your senses.
Let me tear down your walls with my love,
Leave no trace left of defenses.

Climb aboard my ship
And ride upon passion’s sea.
Unfold your royal carpet at my feet
And allow me to fulfill passion’s plea.

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