A Lover’s Journey – A Love Poem


A Lover’s Journey – A Love Poem

If you offer me your hand,
I will follow you
Forever across fields of heather,
Through the pastures of clover,
And down the valley filled with bramble and thorn.
Adorn your brow with freshly picked flowers, love
And let us frolic beneath the sun,
Entwined like creeping vines and becoming one.

Do I dare tear down these walls of security
And stand bare before you,
My soul naked and vulnerable,
Anxiously awaiting your response?
Do you delight in what dangles before you
Or do you remain unmoved and free from the bonds of desire?
Offer me a place to put my spark of passion, love
And I will build a fire
To burn away the dead, dry timber of yesterdays.

Do not be afraid.
For I am the caretaker of your heart,
The one who nestles it within my breast
And guards it like a treasure.
Never will it break or fall apart.
Your eyes are like jewels that hypnotize and gleam,
Reflecting the inner yearnings of my spirit
And promising new things to come.
I long to take this ride across the countryside with you,
To dance beneath summer sun and full moon,
To get lost among the stalks of corn fields
Until we harvest a fertile crop.
Sow me a seed of passion, beloved
And vow that our love will always be enough.

-Poem Written By Justin Farley

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photo credit: Gold and Pink via photopin (license)


One comment

  1. Either you’re a reincarnation of St.Valentine or Elizabeth Barret Browning in the male version….! Can you please please PLEASE put a book of your poems together? This one is so romantic and dreamy, filled with promises of love, I’m all starry eyed just contemplating on it lol 😛


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