“What’s Brewing Next Door?” – A Short Story For Kids Free On Amazon For 5 Days

81uK9uDzptL._SL1500_I have just released my fourth short story, “What’s Brewing Next Door?“, on Amazon. It will be temporarily free for 5 days through the Kindle Store.

“When mysterious neighbors move in next door in the middle of the night, Katherine and Josh are sure there’s something not quite right about them – no one has ever seen them and their garage door is always shut. Josh decides to take matters into his own hands one day and attempts to investigate the house next door. Josh and his sister find out the answers to their questions, but it’s worse than they ever imagined…”

“What’s Brewing Next Door?” can be found here.

You may also be interested in my other short stories. 

91Eh2zvyTKL._SL1500_The Storm“When a unusual storm hits the Utopian town of Nod, the forces of evil are released and allow an unthinkable tragedy.”




81Ay84qij0L._SL1500_The Christmas Gift – “A depressed man – who has long given up on his dream to become a writer and now holds a high paying, corporate job – gets reintroduced to his childhood through extreme circumstances and finds his love for writing reawakened by a Christmas gift.”



91nN-1ryp6L._SL1500_The Mummy in the Museum – “An adventure of a 9 year old child on a school field trip to their local history museum to visit the new Egyptian exhibit. Trouble strikes when the exhibit turns into a real pyramid with an ancient danger…” 



I’d appreciate any comments, feedback, or reviews. Thanks!

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