In You I Trust – A Christian Poem For Lent


In You I Trust – A Christian Poem For Lent

In the midst of my trials,
May I not lean on my familiar ways,
But walk boldly relying on only your deliverance
Through the heat of fiery flames.

And may I not trust in this fragile castle
I’ve erected with stones of self-reliance and pride,
But humbly seek shelter in your wisdom
And in your statutes allow me to confide.

When golden idols gleam before me,
Allow me not to be ensnared by the desires of men,
But rather seek your favor and glory
And turn my heart away from the bondage of sin.

Arm me with your shield and sword.
Give me feet that stand firm in the face of war.
Fill my fearful heart with the courage
To march onto the enemy’s door.

I know my ability is fragile,
Able to be shattered in seconds like broken glass.
So may my trust only be in you and your strength
To endure every trial and pass every test.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: 063 – old knight via photopin (license)


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