Misplaced – A Funny Poem


Misplaced – A Funny Poem 

Just where did you run off to now?
I ‘m certainly certain I left you in your proper place.
Why, oh why must you always find a way somehow
To sprout legs and hide the minute I’m running late?

If you wish to play hide and seek
I promise to search for you ’til your heart’s content.
But dammit now’s not the time for games.
Come out! Show yourself! Just where could you have went?

Under the sofa? Sitting atop one of the chairs?
In between the cushions? Hiding upstairs?
On the table? Under the bed?
In the bathroom? Outside on the ledge?

You’re not going to think it’s so funny
When your antics put us out on the street –
Jobless without a penny to our name,
Without a roof over our head, nothing to eat.

Alright, I’m through being pleasant…
Get your ass out here right now!
You’ve won ok? I can’t find you.
I’m done panicking on the prowl.

I swear. I’ll kill you the moment I find you.
This will be the last time you fuckin’ hide from me!
I’ll chain you to the bedpost, tie you to myself with ropes,
So you best enjoy walking free.

Quarter ’til seven, should already been leavin’
Ten long minutes ago.
But now I’ll be late regardless of when I find you,
Just so you know…

What’s that jinglin’ in my pocket?
Surely I couldn’t have forgotten to check my jeans.
Eureka! My misplaced memory remembers!
Oh, keys…I’m sorry. I take back everything.

-Poem Written by Justin Farley

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photo credit: Cabin, 2 via photopin (license)


    • Thanks for your comment! So like me too lol. I’m sorry you didn’t like the “f” bomb. I understand your concern with it and have debated over it myself. I try to write as unfiltered as possible and try to grasp the essence of the moment. Often times we, at least me personally, often think or say things we shouldn’t or normally wouldn’t when we are stressed out or panicking. But I will definitely take your concern to heart. Glad you enjoyed it and thanks for your comment!


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