What the Heart Heard – A Poem


What is this sound
come beating in my heart,
that rattles my walls
and shakes me apart?

It roars with the echo of a thousand lions,
always on the prowl.
Stealthily seeking to devour me
when its advances I finally allow.

It is a soft, cool whisper
like the wind howling through the trees,
anxiously awaiting the day
I submit to its pleas.

Don’t think I’m foolish enough
to not know the beating of my own heart.
This is some foreign invader
threatening to tear me apart.

But oh, how it knows me…
Each and every desire within.
Knowing my every weakness
before our duel even begins.

It pains me to hear the truth…
Oh, how it swallows me whole.
For no man ever found a hiding place
safe from the stirring of the soul.

Poem Written By Justin Farley

Photo Credit: Franco Beccari via Compfight cc

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